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Hello to everyone. (first post)

Simple question: How to remove the bolt from Savage M65 .22 win mag rifle? I dont have too much experiance with guns, and this simple operation seems to be too tricky for me.
Help would be appreiciated.

By the way, my english isnt perfect so please the tips simple please.:)

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Here is Numrich's breakdown drawing on the Savage/Stevens Model 65M.

Savage, Fox, Springfield & Stevens | 65M |

Looking at the drawing, I'd try the standard method of:
1) Make sure rifle is unloaded!
2) Point in safe direction
3) Pull trigger back
4) Pull bolt to rear, out of receiver
Reinstall by pulling trigger and slide bolt back in.

This works with the vast majority of .22 rifles. Since there is no "Bolt Release/Latch/Retainer" mentioned, this should work for you.
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