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    seems some unhappy people are in D.C. today. they want the gummint to pay them for the slavery of their ancestors!!! no mention of the african and arabian slave traders that did the rounding up and shipping also paying back. shall we all pony up??? do you feel guilty???:eek: :rolleyes: :mad:
  2. Chris

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    This is one topic that makes me sick.

    Why do they want payment for something they have no idea or feeling of. Today their is still slaves in Africa, and I have yet to see the mass media cover that and some that call them their fellow "BROTHER" get any help there.

    I would not want to be in my original country from my ancestory, hence why they came here before the Pilgrims!

    God Bless America, I hope everyone thinks that too!


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    These are people just looking for a quick buck that they don't have to work for. These are probably the same type of people who loot and riot when things don't go like they think it should for them or their kind. Just an excuse to get a free t.v. instead of working and paying for it. :mad: :assult: :nod:
  4. and the sad part is not that these losers are trying this low rent extortion scheme, but that the a people in charge are actually probably thinking of giving them the money, if they could figure a way to do with out a major uproar, backlash, ect...
    makes me sick to Chris!

  5. wes

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    We ALL were slaves to somebody at some time in the past. Where's mine?
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    I just love people screaming "Im a victem" I want goverment $$ my ancestors were x y or z.... Ok first things first.. PROVE IT! Not every African American came from slave ancestors...some inmagrated after..some come from the islands. ect. 2nd think I, my family, my ancestors owed your family...prove it! (course my faimly (mom and dads) came over in the 1940s so it would be hard to prove we owned slaves)...
    Finely why???????????????????? why do you deserve the $$
    This is such a big freacking pigs at the trouth waiting for a free handout that its discusting... It is junk like this that gives hate groups fule, people stero types and devides us as people even more. The only thing that surprises me is that old Bill Clinton him self aint wereing an african head dress and playing sacs as he leads the parade.
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    Reparations for descendents of slaves are about 200 years past their statute of limit

    Reparations for descendents of slaves are about 200 years past their statute of limitations by my standards.

    Too much time, money, and effort has been spent on this subject. It's an endless discussion. Where'd we (the government) stop passing out money? To the native indians? black people, white slaves. The list would go on and on. It's centuries past the point of where they might of had a case.

    Why haven't they moved on in society and assimilated with the rest of Americans who are required to pay our own bills.
    Oxford :nod:
  8. We will pay reparations only if you go back to your homeland. You don't deserve to live here. Now is that simple enough? Oh and we apologize for bringing your ungrateful soul to this land of the free. See Ya. Ha--no more wierd sounding holidays.
  9. Eric

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    DO NOT get me started on this one. This is equivalent to the lawsuits against gun manufacturers except for the fact that it has less merit... HELL, pay me some money for some suffering a guy that's been dead for over a hundred years went thru. I can't even keep going, LOL!
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    It's about as stupid as the guy who is sueing MacDonalds because he is fat! I 'm mean who in the he double"L" doesn't know that Micky D's is about the fattiest food out there?

    It's ok guys, we'll pick up the tab in a few years when our taxes are raised!
  11. Rave

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    People never cease to amaze me.Some folks always try to get something for nothing and they will keep doing it because they are so often successful!
    The same people always take and never give back,they are worse than leeches,at least the leach cleans up his area!
    My wife worked for a large company repairing Telephones,you remember when phones were made to last?Anyway she would do about thirty to thirty-five a day and be happy she had a well paying job.These same people did three to four phones a day and were constantly whining about how hard it was and filing lawsuits of how they were discriminated against until the company contracted the whole operation out!
    This type is totally usless,but we not only have to tolerate them,we have to show them respect!
    I am not happy with the situation either,but I don't see solution.

    :mad: :mad:
  12. Calvin

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    This makes me sick, too. What about people who have spent years in American jails wrongfully accused? They don't get any compensation except "Sorry. We goofed. No hard feelings.". What about the white slavery going on? Thousands of white women/children are being sold to foreign countries by Americans every day. American Indians? What about them?
    This hyphenated American syndrome makes me mad, too. African-American, Asian-American, Mexican-American, Italian-American, and so on, so forth. If you live in the boudaries of the Untied Sates of America, you are an American period. We are not the United States of (fill in the blank)-America. :mad:
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    Thousands of women and children sold by Americans each day??!!! I find this EXTREMELY hard to believe.
  14. Calvin

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    Find it what you want, Klaus, but I talk to a lot of cops who deal with child pornography on an international level. Most of these kidnapped kids are sold to people overseas. Some have been found in snuff films, and there's little that can be done because they are so hard to track. Pornography in the Middle East is a big buisness because it's so taboo.
  15. BattleRifleG3

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    I saw Louis Farakkhan speaking in that rally, he called "Black America" a "Nation within a nation". He demanded land and money. Anyone with half a brain should see that it all boils down to greed, and that he is intent on dividing our nation against itself. I think he wants land and money in order to use it against his enemies, which is not that different from Islamic imperialists elsewhere in the world, who whine for better treatment in order to mistreat others.
  16. Doglips

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    Well if it will solve the problem lets give everyone listed..signed the patition 2 acreas each in antartica houseing not included..1 way shipping of household ect. Payment will be made in the $ of the we have to reprint confederat currency....course its not legal tender any more but you asked for $$ not Real $$ copeing out must move now!
    I think its a workable plan.
  17. NRAJOE

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    Alot of these people scream about their ancestors were promised 40 acres and a mule and never recieved it. I guess they think they could of been land tycoons by now if the government had delivered what was promised. I figure its just alot less crack houses around than what there is now!
  18. Seems to me they should be paying us for the boat ride over here so they could be Americans.
    sure better off here than there no matter how much they claim they are mistreated.
  19. colt 45 you have been away for a while--welcome back. Good answer .
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    Oh yeah,I just remembered,just make sure it ain't no jive token either!:nod: :nod: :nod: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: