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Discussion in 'Ruger' started by blaster, Oct 2, 2010.

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    one of the grip panels on my old Ruger Standard .22 auto has been warped for a while. never was a problem infact, it fit my hand better. I was shooting it the other day and I noticed some pins backing out because the grip wasn't keeping them in place. I thought about staking the pins but decided to get a new set of grips. I have tried far to numerous suppliers to list here and none of them have any grip panels to fit my pistol. they all have a huge assortment for the MK II & III but nothing for the MK I or Standard. some advertise that they have grips that will fit but they don't! Ruger made a lot of these pistols, why is it so hard to get replacement grips for them?

  2. blaster

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    thanks Moose, that is one place I haven't tried
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    Any luck with them ??
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    sent them a e mail that night, still haven't heard from them.
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    The screw locations or something changed a couple of times during the life of the Mark I. You may need to include your SN with your inquiry. I was looking for the target grips with the thumbrest once and saw some at a show, but they didn't fit my gun.
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    He has a Ruger Standard !!