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  1. scott_n06

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    Hello all,

    So I recently lost my pocket knife which turned out to be a bad deal since I really liked it. Anyway I was a sog flash1, I loved the spring assist. So what I am asking you all is could anyone help with some suggestions of a relatively inexpensive spring assist knife. It will be something I carry everyday and I would like something slightly bigger than the flash. Im thinking a blade between 3.5 and 4 inches.


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  2. Whats the rough price range if you don't mind answering that? If you can swing the price the SOG trident is a good bet.

  3. Para Cassatt

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    I really like my SOG Twitch II available at any Lowes in SC for around $50.
  4. scott_n06

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    I was thinking $30-50. I actually found mine today but I still would like suggestions for something bigger and I saw the trident I did like the looks of that one.
  5. 9mmXDm

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    It isn't spring assisted but I am very happy with my Cold Steel Ti Lite 4" with Zytel handle.

    Also not spring assisted is the Cold Steel Recon 1 which comes highly recommended as well.