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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by mitch_mckee, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. mitch_mckee

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    ....."Are these bullets for a rifle or a pistol?"

    "sub machinegun" is the proper answer, then watch the dull glaze fall over the cashier's face.
  2. Windwalker

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    I just bet it would. LOL

  3. When I do buy something from Wal Mart's sporting goods the same guy rings up what ever I buy.
    And he has quoted price's on most of the guns I've bought since last July.
    He's always shocked when he ask's are you ready for me to order that new gun ?
    And I'll tell him nope I found it cheaper some where else.

    So if i were to say I needed such and such ammo for a machine gun he'd prolly say
    What kind and where did you buy it ?
  4. I went into walmart and bought some turkey loads in 20 guage.
    The cashier said "whould you like a small bag for those bullets"

  5. TXplt

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    I just usually say "I think so" ...... :)
  6. FS00008

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    They're for my slingshot :-D
  7. Sooner Shooter

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    Shells, cartridges, ammo.....I make the mistake sometimes about calling handgun and rifle ammo bullets but I know better. Until I started casting and making bullets I didn't give it much thought but you're right! Usually the people working that area don't know come here from sic em.
  8. sc928porsche

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    It is a shame that a lot of people working in the sporting goods department don't know much about the products that they are selling. To my knowledge, they do not train their staff in those areas. I suppose that the training would cost money that would end up raising the price of the goods. My advice is that you just humor them and purchace what you need. If you don't know what you are looking for or don't have the patience then I would suggest you go elsewhere. P.S. I am not all that fond of Walmart, but I do understand large company retail.
  9. just_a_car

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    "Are these bullets for a rifle or a pistol?"

    "Nope, I plan on throwing them at a deer to scare him away."

    Heeeere's your sign!
  10. Don't blame the employees

    I have three grown children and I have been through the experience (via my children) of what is out there in the retail world.

    Most places do nothing to train the employees beyond operating the cash register and handling debit/credit cards. There is no incentive to gain expertise as no reward exists other than "at the end of six months you can get a 10 cent a hour raise" after starting a minimum wage. Employees turn over so fast there is no reason to make friends with your co-workers.

    My daughter-in-law worked at a convenience store in Canyon, Texas. One day about two years ago some police and men in suits showed up at the store to arrest the store manager for embezzling $9,500.00 which he admitted spending on internet porn. The lack of training extended so far upstream no one even knew something was off until almost $10,000.00 in sales records and deposits did not match.

    So, don't balme the employees. They don't even know why they have to ask some of the questions they have to ask much less have a reason to learn what might suffice for a proper answer.
  11. just_a_car

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    Yeah, nathan, I think we all get that. I worked in retail, too.

    That's why this in the humor forum... we're just havin' a laugh, no need to get serious. :wink1:
  12. Righteous

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    truth is people lie.... yup.... they do...... we hire alot of guys and girls that will lead you to believe they know there stuff when it comes to guns ...hunting...or fishing just to get hired thinkng they can bluff there way thru it and there ingorance shows thru after a bit and we fire them and go thru the proess all over again.Only thing I train them on his firearm paper work
  13. cubbieman

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    i'd probably just say "scan it and see what age the computer asks for" if i felt like being a prick, or that particular person was a jerk to me

    our sporting goods people aren't THAT bad, but we'll see what happens when the ones in the army deploy

    that's pretty much what wal mart does, except they don't let hourlies do firearm sales, they can show them, and maybe start the paperwork(not sure on that one), but they make management do the actual sale, so there's really nothing to mess up, as long as they know what to do if someone tries to steal the guns, the computer asks "is customer *age*"
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  14. Texan

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    Was in my local WalMart shortly after the "Cheney shooting his lawyer" happening.. Needed to buy an upland bird stamp for pheasant. She ask me "if there'd be anything else" and I said "yeah, why don't you give me a "lawyer" stamp too. She looked at her list of license, sells charts, couldn't find a lawyer stamp. AND before I could stop her she'd called the department manager (who got a BIG kick out of it) and was trying to get hold of the store manager when I finally convinced her I was joking.

    LoL!!!! That's the WalMart I went to, the one in Canyon.

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  15. mitch_mckee

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    I'm not blaming them. I'm ridiculing them.
  16. Big Dog

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    At my west side Wally's the Sporting Goods lady is more savvy - she just rings up all my ammo as 'rifle' - no problems. I'm sure not going to pass for a youngin'.... :09:

    I did buy a new Marlin 17V bolt rifle a few years back at the eastside Wally's - not so many bubbas and 'gun nuts' on that side of town. he young gal behind the counter couldn't find the rifle was pointing too. She claimed the case held only 'shotguns'. True, and ONE Marlin .17HMR rifle! I told her to step right three feet, forward two feet, reach out - "Oh, it IS a rifle!" DOH!! :196:

    I did the paperwork, and then she asks me if I want the ammo too! It's store policy to NOT give ammo and the gun together!!
    I told her, "No, I don't want to get you fired." :scool:

    I used to really hate having the clerk 'escort' me to my car with the gun - Now, I just smile and say, "This way, Gung-Din!" One guy got the joke, and say's "Yes, mighty Sahib!" Hehehehee. :)
  17. ghost_raven

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    Surprisingly, they seem a little more knowledgeable at the Walmart in my area... "you know that these are for target shooting and not home defense, right?" every time.
  18. A few years ago I was buying a fishing license in a KMart, and asked for a two-rod stamp. The fat, pimplefaced kid serving me repeatedly, and eventually shrilly, told me there was no such thing.

    Finally I pulled the sign off the front of the counter that listed prices, stuck it in his face, pointed and asked, "then what the @#$% is that?" He answered, "that's not a two-rod stamp; that's a second-rod stamp!" He was lucky I didn't feed him the sign...
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  19. cubbieman

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    jeez troy, so much hostility :09: