Report: Anthrax strain less than two years old

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    I just love that they know the age of the Anthrax..and all this other stuff but not who did it....

    Report: Anthrax strain less than two years old

    New York-AP -- A published report says scientists have concluded the anthrax used in last fall's mail attacks was less than two years old.

    The New York Times says investigators think that means whoever sent the deadly germs could make more.

    The age of the anthrax gives credence to the theory that whoever's responsible is connected to a microbiology lab and has access to new equipment.

    The F-B-I has said the suspect is likely a male loner, with scientific knowledge and a grudge against society. He also likely has a familiarity with the Trenton, New Jersey area, where the letters were mailed.

    Five people died and more than a dozen were sickened by letters sent to politicians and media outlets.

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