Report On The 7.62X25 Chamber Adapter

Discussion in 'Mosin Nagant' started by gandog56, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. gandog56

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    Well, I saw this little toy and had to try it. Imagine being able to shoot really really cheap 7.62X25 pistol ammo in my Mosins. Anways, fired 5 rounds of 7.62X54R to warm up the barrel and see where it was grouping at 50 yards. Then loaded up the adapter and let fly. Report was way more than the .32 adapter I already had, but of course recoil was next to nothing. The round impacted at correct elevation, but about 2 inches to the left. Ejected adapter and went to get X25 case out, it wasn't moving. Had to get a screwdriver to it and pound it out of the adapter. Case was ruptured at the neck in two places, and the neck looked blown out a bit. But I have had a few cracked necks firing this stuff in my pistol before, so I loaded it up again. Hit pretty much the same spot, ejected the adapter, case was stuck in it again. Out came the screwdriver. Repeated, same thing again. So results nowhere what I was hoping. The cases from my .32 adapter just all slid right out, but they all shot way low and to the left using .32 ACP. My only thing is I have never tried .32 S&W or .32 H&R mag out of it, which it will also shoot, and I'm hoping they might work a bit better. Now as to why both adapters shoot to the left, I have no idea. But I'm afraid the 7.62 adapter was just a total mistake.

    My advice is don't waste your money on it.:toothache:
  2. ChaZam

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    Would some case lube like you reloaders use possibly keep the brass from sticking in the adaptor?

  3. gandog56

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    I'm not sure it would because the neck area looks bulged out, which is probably why I'm have a hard time extracting the case from the adapter.
  4. About how loud would you say it is? Also, do you think different ammo would solve the problem?
  5. PAPA G

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    perhaps the adapters chamber is out of spec. was this surplus ammo, or commercial???
  6. ChaZam

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    I have a Sportsmans Guide sales catalog that lists that little adaptor for the .303 also.

    Their # HXA-180308X (select 23A for 7.62X54)
    (select NF3 for .303)
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    I was gonna get one of these, but every report about them says pretty much exactly what you said. Everybody has them getting stuck in the chamber and having to pound them out. Maybe it has something to do with it being a necked cartridge. One guy made a special block of wood with a hole drilled in two diameters, one to fit the adapter and a smaller one to let the shell drop through when he used a punch to plunk it out. I believe the Tok 7.62x25 is a .309 bullet so in a larger bore it may not marry the rifling so well. Its a great idea but i guess it doesn't work so well. Maybe one can do some kind of "stickybolt" treatment on the adapter chamber.
  8. If you got it at Sportsman guide, drop them an email and exchange it. Thier customer service is top notch.

    As for the 32 insert, I have 2 of them, they vary in tolerance as 32 S&W long will bind in both, but one needs a dowel to remove the casings. 32 acp drop out of both, but for those who plan to use them in thier 91/30 watch out for squibs with FMJ.

    The report is equiv to an air rifle so keep track of your target and round count. I have not had an issue with cast lead, but a factory Prvi squibed on one of my 91/30's; which is now a custom carbine.
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    I bought one a few months back myself and the same thing happened to
    me as well, in my case it is 100% useless but a great idea, not fun digging out the spents casing each time it is fired, thanks.

  10. gandog56

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    Sounds like whoever engineered these things never had a beta test to see if they actually worked.
  11. Make a cast of the chamber and compare it to a loaded round, did it split every case???
  12. GD, my brother...would you call this adapter a "Bubba"?
  13. blue fox

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    Sounds like even BUBBA would get frustrated with this thing
  14. jmp8927

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    I like my adapter. I haven't shot for a group, but I did put about 25 rds through it for a function test. Granted, the casings didn't quite drop out, but they were not hard at all to remove. I could almost get them with my fingernail. What I ended up doing is using a small wooden dowel about 5 inches long and just popping the casing out with that. It isn't difficult at all and involves no pounding. You hold the adapter in one hand, and push the casing out with the other. Takes about 2 seconds.
  15. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Took much, much force to remove mine.