Report: Police harassment of female drivers is national problem

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    Report: Police harassment of female drivers is national problem

    Omaha, Nebraska-AP -- A new study finds police sexual harassment or assault of female drivers is a nationwide problem.

    The University of Nebraska report is based on more than 400 case studies from national media reports over the past 12 years. It is part of the school's Police Professionalism Initiative.

    The report lists everything from minor harassment to police demanding sexual favors in exchange for letting the driver avoid a traffic ticket.

    A criminal justice professor who helped write the report says the police abuses were spread all over the country in different-sized towns.

    He says the reported abuses are "just the tip of the iceberg" since some women may be scared to come forward.

    Recommendations include better training and supervision of officers, hiring more women officers and analysis of traffic stop data to find harassment patterns.

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    Ah yes, I see the unbiased, objective source of data once again is the national media. "case studies from national media reports"

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    I know there are some very good cops out there,I also know there are some that abuse their "power", that makes me sick. Tonight,on the local news,one cop said something about "enforcing the LAWS",have we just become a nation of "laws",what about "keeping the peace"? And,does it apply to ALL citizens,or is there a double-standard when it comes to Police Officer's? Do some of them really think they are above the laws they enforce? I'll put my soapbox away now.
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    Some do Wes, most do not. I pray and believe the grand mojority of LEO's are of the utmost integrity and honesty.

    Those who are not need to be treated worse than the worst of criminals as they have not only committed a crime they have done enormous harm to the trust that people should have in our LEO's.
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    I thought it was called flirting but when I usually met them it was while I was at a convience store for coffee or something cold