Reporters easily sneak weapons onto planes

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    Just in time for holaday day we will wake up and take security serious and not give lip service to it.....

    Reporters easily sneak weapons onto planes

    By Maki Becker and Greg Gittrich | Daily News
    Posted September 5, 2002

    NEW YORK -- Carry-on bags concealing potentially deadly weapons. Six major airlines. Eleven airports. Fourteen flights. And not once did anyone catch on.

    To test the supposedly more-stringent security imposed at the nation's airports, New York Daily News reporters boarded flights during the Labor Day weekend carrying box cutters, razor knives, pepper spray and other contraband.

    Not a single airport-security checkpoint spotted or confiscated any of the dangerous items, all of which federal authorities have banned from airports and planes.

    The four airports where the Sept. 11 hijackers boarded planes -- Newark International, Boston's Logan Airport, Washington's Dulles International and Portland International Jetport in Maine -- were all breached in the newspaper's undercover investigation.

    Kennedy and LaGuardia airports also failed, as did major international hubs in Los Angeles, Chicago and Las Vegas.

    Smaller commuter depots weren't immune either, with Fort Lauderdale and Santa Barbara, Calif., flunking.

    "That is really disturbing. It's actually beyond disturbing," said Harvey Kushner, an expert in terrorism and airport security and chairman of the department of criminal justice at Long Island University.

    "It scares the hell out of me," said Kushner, who runs the security company Safer America and was waiting for a flight Tuesday at Kennedy. "But it is not surprising. It underlines the massive problem that we have at our airports."

    Guards consistently checked photo identification, sent luggage through souped-up X-ray machines, examined carry-on bags, passed over passengers with hand-held metal detectors and made many remove shoes.

    The airports and airlines tested by the newspaper did not return calls or referred questions to federal authorities.

    United Airlines delivered a warning through spokeswoman Chris Nardella: "That is a violation of federal law that you guys knowingly took those items on an airline. You can be arrested."

    The security at Boston, Washington and Portland appeared to be more diligent than at the other airports, although they did no better in spotting the contraband.

    At those three airports, guards X-rayed and unpacked most of the reporters' bags. But they still overlooked rubber-handled razor knives, a box cutter and a corkscrew.

    Security employees appeared less diligent when searching the reporters' carry-on bags if the reporters were cooperative and friendly -- or demonstrated a familiarity with their routine.

    At Los Angeles, a guard stopped his search a few moments after the reporters pulled a two-way pager from their carry-on luggage and showed him that it actually worked.

    "You're used to this," the guard said. He passed over the reporters with a hand-held metal detector and then added: "Have a good flight."
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  2. Well


    First, we need to thank the press for alerting any potential terroists so close to the Sept 11 anniversary.

    Second, we need to fix this, and fix this fast.

    And third, the morons at the security checkpoints were probably too busy forcing kids to drink pond water and new mother to drink their own breast milk that Bin Laden Himself could have walked through carrying a tow missile launcher on his shoulder.

    Have you ever seen these security types? Idiots, cop wannabe's and jack booted thugs in training. Many times I have seen people I wouldn't want washing my dishes at a restaurant at security points in Airports.

    There was an incident in my former home town where a security goon found a gun in some luggage, or on a passenger. At first I'd say Kudos, you found one! But then, the news report continued, the guy wanted to see if it was loaded so he pulled the trigger and sent a bullet careening down the concourse!!!!!

    And these are the people who want to keep ME safe??? Between lax security measures and morons in control of security, and reporters telling the world our weak points and drunken airline pilots, I'll take my chances and drive...... :insane:

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    Amen Sniper, I haven't flown since 9-11, and don't plan on it anytime soon. You're right, it was a good wake up call, but thanks for giving new ideas to potential terrorists; who are already among us everyday.

    I do think however, it would have been funny as heck if those reporters had been caught. Would they really face charges, or would it be spin doctored up as an undercover investigation in conjunction with the FAA?
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    Sniper, you took the words right out of my mouth. I can almost picture Osama with the T.O.W. walking right past security and them telling him to "Have a nice flight".
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    You men are absolutely correct, but the people in charge are - tadaa - the FEDERAL GOVERMENT!!! anyone suprised. Anything the goverment touches turns to sh_t real fast.
    Remember they said if you Federalize you professionalize!

    WHATEVER DUMA** - when is the general public gonna wake the (blank) up and see that these jacka**es in Congress are the real problem, a real big problem. The Patriot Act and Homeland Security did nothing but take away our rights and allowed us to become more vulnerable because most people think if the LAWS were passed thats all that has to be done. They don't understand you need to work in order for the laws to work.

    People need to wake up and stick a boot in the arss of their nearest represenative or Senator.
  6. I understand that charges will be filed against the reporters. After all, they did break the law and I dont think that just because they are reporters, they are above the law and walk away from what they did.
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    Well, yesterday ABC News with Peter Jennings described how they were still able to easily obtain false drivers licenses in several different states and used them to board numerous domestic flights across the country. This was done because the issue on fake licenses as part of security is worse now than it was a year ago. I am certain that with the new Homeland security rules they could also be charged. They also showed a couple of companies that have devices which can identify fake licenses that have a reader strip on the back but they can't get anyone to approve them for use.
  8. I still don't see where the newspaper proved their reporters smuggled weapons past security.

    I know they said they did......oh, chit, the papers wouldn't fabricate a story to make people look bad, so it must be true, he he he he.

    To me it's like a scientist saying he conducted an experiment....but was it a legit one with control subjects, etc.?

    I think if they really wanted to prove they did it then have a concealled camera recording the weapons being placed in the carry on....continuously recording all the way through security and then showing it was still in the carry on.

    They need to be prosecuted....count one: attempted introduction of a weapon onto an aircraft.....count two: stupidity, lol.
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    i am very sorry but all these laws don't do diddly squat.they are only for law abiding people.why not just do away with carry on lugage all together. i am tired of hearying about new laws. it's very easy to right up a new law . but who is goin to listen to them. surely not the criminals.and i think they should have some fines for the air lines like for every gun that a person gets through security with the air line must pay . lets say 100.000 dollars .and the money should go to the person who got the gun through in the first place. then maybe they will check a bit more. or maybe put up a reward so much a weapon and the money goes to the person who found the weapon. think about it if you was a screener at the air port and they told you that we will give you so much for a hand gun and so much for a knife . wouldn't you look alittle harder. but for one thing we don't need nomore laws they don't do crap but cost us money for some over paid people to sit in a office and scratch there heads and say ok what should we call this law.for every law we have there are people braking it. it would be alot better if they would just get off thier butts and enforce they laws we have now. that's just my 1 1/2 cents worth
  10. Bottom line side point


    News crew or not, if anyone snuck a weapon onto a flight, and they are not in law enforcement or working with LEO, they should be prosecuted, period!

    Media or not, they should be prosecuted as they broke the law!
  11. More to the last point


    Got this off the CSP site regarding heir and heirette Clintler,

    "I don't know where to post this but I just have to get it off my chest. - The senator b - - - - from N.Y. has again started her campaign for "complete gun control," while her husband, the "disgrace to our country and humanity," is also on the prowl again. The "low rate" ex. pres. knows no shame!!! Gosh - I guess every country has its trash and we have a husband and wife team to represent us in that catagory."