Republicans admitting they may not win

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  1. At this very late date per this morning's New York Times the Republicans are admitting they may not get a majority in the House.

    Calling many of the elections "fluid" is really an admission of the catastrophic failure of the Republican National Committee to produce legislative plans both appealing to and supportive of the middle class.

    This long mentally dead organization has coasted along for the past year in the dream land of anti-Obamaism. While pointing the finger toward a lack of support/disappointment with Obama from those who elected him they have turned a blind eye to the simple fact they have not done anything to make voters turn out for Republican candidates. Reformatting the old and not really implemented Newt Gingrich Contract with America is too little to bring to the table in October.

    As I posted many months ago about the best the Republicans can hope for is to move toward a fifty fifty split in the House. As with the disaster of running McCain't the Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for the coming election. Perhaps they will come out with a majority but at this moment the Republicans need a real Democratic screw-up to overcome their lack of thinking.
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    Still,no matter how bad you bash them or run them down,(and some is deserved)they aren't out to take my hard earned money and re-distribute it to foreign countries,put government in complete control of industry/finances,kill capitolism,and turn this nation into a government dependent,"COMUNIST"nation.It is your right to bash them and call them "braindead".It is my right to vote for the party that I believe will do the best for the people.And it sure as he*l isn't going to be the liberals,run by secular progressives.I just hope we aren't too late to stop your friends.

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    For better or for worse,my family and I are going to vote straight Republican,thieves and all, with the exception of a couple of independants,and hope for the best.:angryfire:
  4. Hi Samuel

    Perhaps you did not see my greater point.

    It is not that people will vote against the Republican Party.

    It is that people will simply not vote.

    People not voting is a clear opening for those who will vote for another party to gain.

    In this is a great danger to the Republicans. A factor they should have begun to address a year ago.
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    New York
    nathangdad, I do think you are underestimating the degree of dissatisfaction with the Obamist Congress that is out there. My county is conservative-leaning in a blue state, and there is a seething resentment here at the high-handedness with which Obama and his true-believers rammed Obamacare through Congress over the objections of the people, who were not satisfied with the 'explanation' (read: duckspeak and hype) of how it would be paid for, when the Congresscritters admitted they had not even read the bill before voting to pass it. Even though some people who live here work in New York City and were well aware of the implications of the Wall Street bailouts, they also read the newspaper and see the pages and pages of foreclosure notices every week, and realize that the Obama plan to help homeowners has been a miserable, abject failure that has saved less than 35,000 mortgages nationwide to date. There is a strong feeling that Congress and Obama are seriously disconnected from the People, and neither the Democrat nor Republican adherents like it.

    What this means is Obama is being blamed for the disconnect and for all the nation's troubles, from the foreclosure crisis to the lack of jobs to the fact the dollar doesn't buy as much as it should to a national debt that is way, way out of control. There is also serious dislike of the Obamination for his kowtowing to foreign leaders and his denial of American exceptionalism, particularly since said concept of American exceptionalism is what gave the worthless scumbag a chance to serve as the president of the greatest country on earth.

    What all that means for the Democrats is that the People are fed up with their needs and wishes being ignored, and are going to suffer for their so-called leader's intransigence by being voted out in droves. I see them trying to play catch-up, but I think it's too little, too late for them to save their majority in the House.
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    I think alot of people are not aware of the fact of where a huge share of the Obamacare money would be payed from. The overwhelming percentage of it would come from states like New York and Conneticut. If redestributing the weath is his plan who would be the most oppesed to it. The states in New England where the majority of the countries weathiest people are. So I would not be surprised to see a shift in voting patterns.


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    Cyrano , how right you are about the seething resentment of the high handed actions of those who cramed obamacare and the bailouts down our throats. I see Nathang's point tho on the dissatisfaction of the previous party's both dem and repub. and a unwillingness to vote for ether . However as Sameul pointed out that we must remove the liberals in control NOW before there is nothing left to save. And that leaves Raves point that for better or worse at this time it may be wisest to support the repubs no matter what at this critical moment. These are the times I wonder what Jefferson , Madison , Franklen, Washington , Henry Etc. would think our best coarse of actions would be. I some how belive that they would not have let things get this bad in the first place. I can only hope they would be excited to see a return to people's concern of the governing body they founded.
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    Great posts men.Am feeling a little more confident.As to what the founding fathers would have done,they started and fought the revolution against tiranny,I believe I know what they would have done.They would "NOT" have sat on their behinds with their hands out allowing more and more taxes and government control.
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    My biggest hope is that when the dust settles after the elections they will need to remodel both chambers so there are two aisles with a very large center section between them for those newly elected members from neither party. Put the partisan professional politicians on the outside edges, left and right, where they belong and let the people run the country for a change.

    I know its just idle dreaming, but the more independents who get elected the bigger the message to both major parties that they need to remodel themselves.
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    Who reads the New York Slimes?

    This the same paper.
    Who SUPPORTS all the libs, who are in charge!
  11. Founding Fathers

    Although the modern libs avoid the fact it is historically observed the founding fathers did what it took to build a strong nation.
    They took care of what was best for America. Interestingly, the government passed a Patent Act and established a Patent Office before 1800. For America it was about being strong and creative from the get go.

    As far as this election will go, note it will not be about the strong feelings of any one voter but rather the collective view of millions of voters. This is the problem.
  12. We could of fixed this last election. Ron Paul, forget the rest unless you want to repeat the insanity.
    Let their past voting record and the people backing them be your guide. Keep on focusing on voting out Socialists.
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    Nathangdad still reads it.
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  15. Hi waterdog and grizcty on New York Times

    I do not read the New York Times for their editorial position.

    Like it or not, this paper does have an excellent research and reporting staff.

    It is their in depth reporting on certain issues I like.
  16. Do Not Fall For The Times.

    It's time to audit Ron Paul!

    According to Intratrade, the House is in the bag and there is a 54% chance the Repubcos will also win the Senate...

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    Any admission of defeat of taking OUR country back is media or adversaries propaganda... Remember in November!!! (Less than a Month!)
  18. Edit the previous post: 54% the Demcos will hold the Senate...

    Today it is 56%......
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    I can't wait for the Republicans to gain control of both houses because I know my taxes will go down, jobs will come back to America, Obamacare will be suspended and health care costs will go down so normal people can pay for it, welfare recipients will drop to almost zero, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will officially over, the Pledge of Allegiance will be recited in every classroom, the Ten Commandments will be placed back into every Govt owned public building, crime will go down and we can all open carry anywhere in the 50 States and Puerto Rico.
    OK. The part about Puerto Rico may be exagerating a bit.
  20. I hope, that those Iowa Sup Justice that supported Gayage by overturning the state wide vote are also voted out...

    Sorry, Nathan, but you are wrong on this issue, as the Repubcos will make massive gains in the house...
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