Republicans backing who?

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    Unless I'm seeing this wrong it looks like the "GRAND OLD PARTY is throwing much of their support behind candidates that were defeated in the primaries and came out as independents.It really shows in the ODonnell,Chris,Miller campaigns.To me they are afraid of the new strain of republicans like Sarah and friends.I don't know what is going on but do know there is no difference in a repub moderate and a dem moderate.One lost power for their party and it looks like the other is about to.I hate politics but at this time,am afraid to stop watching,even tho I can't do anything about it and understand little except they are all a bunch of crooks,and that is the best thing I can say for them.
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    I do hope you're wrong, sam. If the "Establishment GOP" continues to back the candidates the Establishment anointed instead of the young turks/Tea Partiers/longshot Republicans the people selected as their Republican candidates, they'll split the Republican vote and hand the elections so affected to the damned Democrats on a silver platter.

    What they should be doing is accepting the Republican voters have rejected the Establishment candidates and instead getting behind the upstarts and giving them 100% support in the run-up to the midterm elections. They are losing sight of the mission: take control of at least one chamber of Congress, and preferably both, away from the damned Obamists plus as many other offices on the state level as possible. Splitting the vote by backing the anointed ones who were rejected is the Republican Establishment cutting their trunks off to spite their faces!

  3. Gotta agree, it seems they don't want someone they don't have a collar on in any position of power, too focused on furthering the Republican party goals the way they want rather than listening to the people who voted and fixing America if they continue this act....thats telling and saddening considering many accuse the other side of the same thing.
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    Well said!

    This election, is theirs to LOSE!
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    Samuel, I think you are entirely correct about the republicans. I see very little difference in the 2 partys except for about 10% on the extreme right. They execute this fabulous masquerade convincing many that there are real differences.
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    And a Message For Lisa Murkowski...Alaskans are not writing you in , we are writing you OFF !
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    My question is, why do we even NEED two (+) parties? In my world (yeah, it's imaginary), people would vote for the candidate who best fits their individual ideal out of those running. I understand that without the "party" system, any idiot could run just for their 15 minutes of fame, but hell, that happens now, they just have have a few $$$ in their pockets.
    Think about it, why are we splitting the country into two major warring factions and then letting a few other independent trouble-makers stir the pot?
    I'm thinking a simple lottery system where candidates throw their hat in the ring and are chosen by random selection, if you get chosen and don't do a good job, you're outta here at the end of your two yr. term.
    We're playing "shirts and skins" with our country's (ie.: our kids, grandkids, etc.) future. With the advent of the internet and expanded media coverage, we've turned away from our civic duty to elect the best candidate to a childish game of "Did Not, Did Too".
    I say, let's stop the food fight and steer the damm ship!
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    Because...Politicians are like Bananas.
    First They are Green
    They Hang in Bunches,
    Then they are yellow,
    Then They are rotten.

    We need to elect Poor people that know how to budget Money on what there is in the kitty, and we need to stop electing Lawyers and people with an agenda that is not what America wants or needs.We need people to stand For the Constitution and Not On it...
    We need a true American Party , and we need to Hold the elected officials Feet to the fire and have them arrested when they break the oath of office, and fail to listen to the people. They are all Arrogant and power hungry from what I have seen and we arent given much choice since apparently , once elected , all promises are Off..
    I put My faith in God now...Not Man.
  9. That's what the TEA Party is all about, Regular decent hard working people routing out the scum that has bought this nation to the brink. We don't have to choose between the lesser of two evils, the are both evil. Get out of the left/right paradigm, or we will experience the same dissapoinment over and over. I'm with Moose THE AMERICAN PARTY, which raises a new dilema for the establishment poilticians playing good cop, bad cop, There is no one person for them to target, because it is millions of good Americans, no clear target. The only good Repubilcan is Ron Paul, and he might be running again. The best thing we can do is VOTE THEM ALL OUT. Both parties are corrupt, and they will blow things up to stay to stay in power.
  10. DaTeacha

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    The TEA movement is not and has no desire to be a party per se. That's what makes
    it so difficult for any of the candidates to win major elections. How can anyone manage to campaign effectively without a whole lot of money? And how can you get that money without the backing of a party organization?

    Even the Libertarians get buried by party dollars and they're a lot bigger than any individual with their friends and neighbors yelling "you go, girl!".
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    Yes, do away with all the parties. Let anyone who pays their filing fees run. The top two for each office will run as candidates in the General Election.
  12. samuel

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    The way I see it we would have 300million candadates and no votes,"PERFECT".
  13. Rave

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    Both parties apparently care only about gaining/retaing power through seats,the heck with the people.:deal:
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    Have you ever looked closely at the people in congress? My GOD,I would fit right in,even the stupid blank expression!
  15. Well, I think the Democrats are scoffing at the people the process and the constitution more so then the Republicans.

    I mean, did anyone see Steve Colbert pull the crap he did in front of congress?

    Made a mockery of the process and turned the illegal immigration problem into a bigger joke then it already is!

    And who invited him to speak, the head of this particular group and A DEMOCRAT from California!

    As for the Tea Party members who are being nominated over the incumbents, most are winning. And many do have a chance. The question is, will they be able to do anything and or make any real changes?

    The way I see it, we know what we'll get if we keep the same ones in. We also have no clue what we'll get if we put the republicans in charge of both the House and the Senate. I'll be happy just seeing the Republicans, and Tea Party members in charge of one or the other, NOT BOTH, then come the presidential election in 2012 get the hell rid of the Obamination and replace him with someone, I don't care from which party he or she hails from as long as they put we the people, the constitution, national security and the other important things first. ABOVE THEMSELVES, ABOVE THEIR PARTY AND ABOVE INFLUENCES!!!
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  16. The country is bleeding to death because of the Democrats. We need to get as many Republicans we can in Congress to stop the bleeding and neuter Obama. Once in, the Republicans better understand that the Tea Party will be watching them close, and if they screw up, it will be their arses next time. The establishment, on both sides, better tread carefully. I don't think they understand just how upset the American people are.
  17. Cyrano

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    New York
    Heaven knows I have little to no use for most Congressmen, but were I a Congressman and Stephen Colbert pulled his little act in front of a committee I was sitting on, I'd cite the sonofabitch for contempt of Congress and throw his *** in jail! Respect the institution if not the jackasses currently defiling it.
  18. I just want to see that total control is taken away from the Dumocrats. Put some check and balance back into our government. Put a stop to the Dumocrats from spending on whatever the want when ever they want.

    And cyrano, regarding Semen Colburp, YOU AND ME BOTH MY FRIEND. YOU AND ME BOTH!!!
  19. Para Cassatt

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    All politicians seem to think that way. No matter how many times the voters choose their own candidates, the GOP seems to refuse to remember how and why they're in the shape they are in. It's partyline voting BS and disregarding real peoples' concerns.
  20. Rave

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    The GOP is starting to devour their own,after eating the independants,the DNC,well Hanity had a great show last night covering their shenanigans,what a bunch o' corrupt thieves they are!:eek:mfg: