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Data shows that Ordnance had a Reserve of Receive for the M1 Garand. These were put aside at SA in the old water works at SA. They were to be used if Ordnance needed a heavy push of M1 Garands. The understanding was to be about 5% of the monthly production. When Ordnance had used them up SA would start another set of these Receivers. OK, I have data that shows that the first time it was used up was about April/May 1943. Does anyone know when this group of Receiver was started. I also have data on the second Receiver setup again at SA.
Here is an early copy of the M1 D Model.

Without input from you guys no one learns anything Try to put in some info/question and we can learn more of the M1's History. Your input is very important to all of us.

Thanks again
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