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    did anyone here go to it???

    as usual the msm choose to demonize, brush off, and denigrate the event.

    i did not see any msm interveiws with attendee's, did not hear any msm explain the frustration of the attendee's, no...more of the SOS from the MSM
  2. Well,

    although I did not attend the coverage was about what I expected from the news media. Note that media and mediocrity come from the same Latin root and in America they are becoming one in the same.

    Of course, if one or more of the airhead actresses the media loves to follow had done something they find interesting such as holding a press conference to proclaim discovering whiskey and cocaine taken in combination helped her discover her inner self it would have been broadcast and commented upon for days.

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    New York
    The only place I saw any coverage of the rally was on the Internet, and not much there. Same deal as with the Second Amendment March earlier this year: the leftist mainstream American media did their best to ignore or minimize it.

    Pat Oliphant had a nasty cartoon today in which the spirits of Abe Lincoln and Martin Luter King are looking down from heaven. King wonder what "that idiot Beck" is doing. Abe replies that he's invoking their spirits and "hoping for a Booth or a James Earl Ray." Well, we already knew Oliphant is so blue that he makes Mystique look like pale aqua.
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    This comes as no big surprise.

    The media is doing the same thing,, as the Democrats in Washington.
    Burying there head in the sand.
    And ignoring the will of the people.
    Jusr another day for them.
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    New York
    Today's New York Post had a half-page Op-Ed piece that was overall favorable to the rally. One thing I liked was the last paragraph, which debunked the allegation made by the liberals that Glenn Beck had deliberately chosen the date as an insult to Martin Luther King's rally 40 years ago. The writer pointed out that Beck's rally was about the content of the attendees' character, while Al Sharpton's anti-Beck rally across the way was all about the color of the attendees' skin.
  6. I watched it on C-Span and have nothing but Praise for Glenn Beck. It was all about our beloved country.
    No bashing of Obama or party's. No hint what so ever about racsism. It had a christian theme and much was said about our founding Fathers.

    Not to far away Al Sharpton had a rally and he spoke chit of Becks rally and he did'nt even know what was going on at Becks.
    Anyway Sharpton now has Egg on his face. All the Blacks that attended Restoreing Honor that were Interview had nothing but praise for this rally.

    A month or so before this rally was to take place do yall remember the head Dork with the Black Panther's said they were going to be there ? The skum bags as far as I could tell did'nt show up.
    If they had of they would of been very disappointed.
    Because it was very peaceful and it was an event to unite all race's who love and care about our counry.
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    I like Beck, a lot. I enjoy his views, his commentary, his jokes and his urge to better America and take us back to our roots as a free people with limited government.

    However, while I believe there is a higher being beyond our human lives, I hope he does not try to turn himself into some preaching evangelical radio host. I listened to him today, and he was just taking calls from people talking about praying 3, 4, 5, 6 times per day and returning to a church-state like mind at all times of the day. Don't get me wrong...good for them. But, come on....this is not was this radio show was supposed to be about. I began listening to him about 2 weeks after he started his radio show, when he was still a understanding is that he would bring us news with a bit of a libertarian idealism to it, and a bit of common sense humor. Now it is just turning into a preachy, Church house parade. That is fine for people who enjoy it, but I won't be listening long.

    This is why I stopped going to Catholic Church. While I try to live my live as peacefully and accepting as possible, I didn't enjoy the preaching to me. I can't listen to another human try to tell me what God wants. Only I can decide that. Each person interprets his will differently, and I don't trust 2000 years of lies, misinterpretations and mistranslations, power-mongering governments and religious tell me what I should believe. I don't need Beck to start telling me either....

    I also heard on his show today that he is going to Alaska to meet with Sarah Palin, and they were making offhanded remarks about him running for President. I don't know if he is thinking of running with Sara Palin for the White House or some high-government. That probably will ruin his career.
  8. Nice to see you CI I was just fixing to send you an e-mail, now I want.
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    I'm still here old buddy. Having most of my comments ignored or flamed, I just hide in the shadows now-a-days with the occassional poking of my nose into the business.
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    Hey Ivan, I'm a cradle Catholic, too. Nowadays I attend a non-denominational Christian church, but the Catholic upbringing has ingrained some things that will be with me forever. Anyways, if you're considering getting back to attending, why not do some church shopping? Go to one a couple of times, then try another, then another until you find a place where you feel welcomed and comfortable - or as uncomfortable about your life as you are comfortable with? There are lots of different preachers and denominations out there, all trying to help us find our way. All you have to do is find the one that can help be your guide without demanding that you do everything their way. While you're looking around, you might find out it's more important to you than you think.

    I don't agree with my preacher on several philosophical issues, but have no problem with attending services in the church and he has no problem with me being there, even though we debate things now and then. I think the Catholics are the only group of Christians that tell you which parish you are part based on where you live. Everyone else lets you decide which church you want to attend.
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    I appreciate your comments. I do have to respond though. And, don't take this personally. I am happy you are happy with going to church.

    However, I don't need to go to college to learn how to formulate high-calculations. I can do it on my own with the right study. Same goes for God and belief. I can read and formulate my own opinion. I don't need, or want for that matter, another human being telling me how to believe and how to take faith. Faith goes back too far to believe much of what any church says. The word of god has been misunderstood, misinterpreted and twisted into what those in power have wanted to twist it into. Faith is inside of you. I don't need a fancy church or preacher to flaunt it around.

    I look at it similarly to a large corporation. You are better off being an entrepreneur than working for some giant corporation. And, doing it on your often find and realize things that the sheeple don't, because they don't listen to what is inside of them, they just listen to what their preachers and pastors and all that tell them to believe.
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    I hear what you're saying. For me, the church going habit left over from my Catholic roots is pretty strong. I feel guilty if I'm not there on a Sunday morning, and just being there helps me get focused some. Sometimes the message is inspiring, sometimes I just tune it out, but the setting helps - the Catholic thing again.

    On the other hand, some of the most profound experiences I've had along the lines of supernatural or spiritual phenomena have occurred in the natural world, far removed from the structures, both physical and philosophical, real and metaphorical, of mankind.

    Still, on a regular basis it is difficult to remove myself far enough from the routines of life to get into that zone. For me, going to church on a Sunday morning helps it happen. I find that if I don't then I tend to blow through the opportunity to say "Thank You" for what life has brought my way.
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    never heard of it.