rewriting history to be PC. in Texas

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  1. Texas History Gets New Mexican Twist

    The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas
    Thursday, May 30, 2002
    By Douglas Kennedy

    HOUSTON — "Remember the Alamo" is a battle cry that Texans learn early in their formative years.

    But the call to remember the Texas revolution of 168 years ago has a new place in Texas history, somewhere in the back of the textbooks. That may now be changing, in part because some fear rampant pride will alienate the growing Mexican student population in their midst.

    "We don't want our Hispanic kids, or any kids, to feel like we're teaching a bias approach," said Angela Miller social studies curriculum manager for the Houston Independent School District.

    Over 40 percent of Texas' student population is Hispanic, with most of those tracing their heritage to Mexico. A new curriculum still teaches Texas independence, but administrators say the traditional "us vs. them" perspective has taken a back seat.

    "We are all in this together and we include those Hispanic kids who are now in our district who have a heritage from Mexico," Miller said.

    But "purists" are up in arms over the new curriculum, and say the school district is re-writing history.

    "There is only one way to teach Texas history and that's Texas history," said Dan Stein, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. "Now, if you're going to teach Mex history or you're going to teach some other country's history, that's fine. But Texas history is Texas history."

    Stein, whose membership-based organization believes mass immigration to the United States should be curtailed, says the new curriculum implies that Mexico has a moral claim to Texas.

    "If you teach young people who have allegiances not only to the United States but to Mexico that Texas is stolen, you could be planting the seeds of a separatist movement 30 years from now or sooner," he said.

    Miller denies that the new educational mandate is sewing the seeds of a separatist movement.

    "No, that's a definite no. This is about looking at points of view and frames of reference," she said.

    An old adage says that in war, history is written by those who won. But for today's multicultural Texas, some say history is being rewritten for those who lost.

    Doesn't this just give you that fuzzy feeling?
    I'm originaly from Texas and this makes me sick!
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    Whats that John Stosal saying, "Give me a break". Yep the world has gone nuts and the nuts are in charge.


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    For the record, Texas, and other Mexican provinces rebelled because Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna created an ILLEGAL DICTATORSHIP. He denounced the Mexican Constitution, dissolved the other branches of government, and ignored the rights of Mexicans, including the Texans. Luckily he was a grossly incompetant military leader, and the Texans won.
  5. This doesn't stop, nor did it start, with Texas and it doesn't only effect history. Any field of study that isn't completely in line with political correctness is being, or has been, altered to please the liberals.
    Books used in the instruction of psychology and anthropology have been effected in the same way as have the history books.
    Anything that teaches that there is more difference between certain racial groups than skin color has been thrown out. The same fate has fallen on books in which is recorded the flaws of one political group or the correctness of another. The only exception being material that promotes the Marxist agenda.
    Our kids are being fed a steady diet of bull crap.
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    Texas is the only State in the Republic of the United States that
    has a Constitutional Right recognised by The right to have a
    separstist vote to with-draw from the Union.... I hate to see it
    happen,, but you must rest assured it will .
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    You know,
    I am from Texas. I am directly decendant from one of the founding fathers of Texas. I have a document I inherited from my father that has Santa Anna's sighnature and seal.
    (Its a worthless old land bond he issued later in his life)
    To me these old Historic figures are real people. I am related to General Sam.
    Texas has a proud History that really happend. Those where REAL people.
    The men that stayed in the ALAMO Knew what was going to happen, could have escaped and did not. They stayed and fought
    Think about that.........could You do that?
    and by the way, they where by overwelming majority Mexican citizens.
    We won our Independence from Mexico and where a Soverighn Nation, then joined the United States
    Years later.
    Should we soften the American revolution text books so as not to offend British students?
    This whole argument is not based on a Mexican/Texan issue
    It's a White/Latino thing.
    Call it what it is.......Racial.......
    Its about white race and the Brown race(there is no Mexican race it's a nationality)
    There where lots and lots of brown skinned round faced Texicans that fought and died in all the battles of the Texas /Mexican revolution. On the Texan Side.
    I concider then ALL to be brave and nobel Soldiers
    There is not a race issue in Texas History, so why make it one now.
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    I guess we better forget about Pearl Harbor, as it really makes the Japs look bad, I man wow, who would have thought.
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    Chris I belive the Dec. 7th incadent you are refering to is when the people of Japan who are of an asian decent threw off the schackles of oppression and terriny and had a slight disagreament with the white devil slave masters from the area of our one world family refered to incorrectly as N America and experessed their resentments by haveing a heated dissccussion with the illeagle occupieing force who were oppressing the polinasian people. Im very surpriseed that you would inincuate that the myth of WWII..which we all know never occured...and even if it had occured...that violance would ever solve anything that disscussion and lawyers could not solve.

    Man thats good..Im going to get a job rewriteing all history books...have to get a spell checker of course :)
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    I saw this over the weekend, the way I see it PC is going to eliminate teaching history because at somepoint we might hurt someone's feelings. Lets see the Alamo was one of the biggest points in pre WW history and in this case they don't want to upset mexicans who have illegally immigrated and are in public schools. lets see here did there people try ours -- yes so then the history should be taught so it is not repeated in the future.

    PC is for democraps - I'll continue to call things as I see them because I won't get accussed of being PC
  11. Doglips
    You scare me man!
    You sound like you could be a liberal PC fanatic hideing behind a conservitve persona to trick us all into devolging our secret agendas.
    Hay if you can sound PC, I can sound perinoid.(HA HA HA HA )
    I know what you mean about the spellchecker though. Man could I use one. ( are you listening Chris? we could use spell check. PLEASE)
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    So many things so little time, I will try!
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    Sam Houston, He Da Man!!!
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    Dont worry Colt 45 Just after the last 10+ years of social work I speek most of the basic languages needed in the feild...Libral, ebonics, Skreet (street with a sk sound), Inmate, convict, and jitter bug and feminist.
  15. I noticed the same thing happening here in North Carolina pertaining to The Civil War. when my 2 sons came home and started telling me some of the things their teachers were teaching, I had to send them back with info that they were wrong, and gave them the book titles to look it up to prove it to theirselfs. Beleive it or not the teachers told me when I saw them, that they did not know about certain things in the Civil War curriculim that the state provided them. They were just taking those things for the truth without having the accumen to look it up theirselfs. That's really sad in ways, here I am a GED high school grad., and they went to college for 4 years at least. But I will admit to reading every book I can get on U.S. History, ever since I learned to read. I've allways thought that a persons understanding of his, or hers nations history is most important. after all that is what makes us who we are. As far as The Lone Star Republic, I support ya'll in every way, to end that political correct nonsense. Davy Crockett died with 20+ Mexicans piled up around him. Santa Anna's soilders were so afraid of the corpse of Col. Crockett, that he had to order some of them shot, for refusing to get Davy's body to put it on the fire he had them build. Col. Crockett was intimadating even in his death. Don't ya'll let them take the truth away from ya;ll down there. REMEMBER THE ALAMO!