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Here are a few photos of my Rhineland 45 ACP kit on a No 4 MK1 ROF (F) 5/43 Enfield, and a Santa Fe sniper with an aftermarket SARCO mount.

The barrel had already been cut just foward of the receiver to make it easyer to remove, the new barrel was an exact match to the receiver and the Savage type lock ring made headspace simple. The Taylor drum mag works great, but for some reason the last round refuses to eject. Syn stock and no drill scope mount came home from the gun show, the old bushnell was laying around, I feed it 5.1 grains of Unique behind 215 grn lead RN LEE TL cast bullets. Its real good to 100yds.

The T I found for $75, it had the rear scope pad in place so only needed the front pad and the mount.

Scope is an El Paso Weaver K2.5 P&CH with a R.A. Litschert "Varmet Master" adaptor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts