Rick B. --Is it woth redoing this stock?

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  1. For some reason I thought Russians had laminated stocks--guess I was wrong. Do it yourself. I have a Tula unissued-- refinished the stock myself. Nice rifle.
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    Let me tell you, I sent Rickster a piece of M1 barnwood that was near to broke in half. He raised that POS from the dead and revived a nice GAW cartouche in the process. Based on that, if you like the wood, he can probably do it for you!
  3. Rick I will leave the difficult stuff to you. I am a do it yourself person.
  4. Rick already did my HRA stock. I am aware of his good work. Alan do you think $270 is a good price based upon the pic?
  5. Itcboy--I don't know. I purchased my Russian a few years ago for 150 dollars unissued with laminated stock. Nice rifle-- but couldn't leave well enough alone. I had to refinish the stock--came out very nice. Factory finish is never good enough for me. For authenticity leave it alone.
  6. How did it turn out when you finished it?
  7. My stock came out great. Stock Doc will give you some hints. He is better qualified than myself.
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    As Alan said I can give you hints to do it or yes I can refinsih it for you if you would like. Be carefull if you do it tring to get the metal off the front guard. I have seen folks destroy the guards not knowing how to get the pin out and some dont come out.
    Oh Yeeeees I remembr Steve's straw broom he called a stock hehehehehe. Rick B
  9. Now that you mentioned it the pin on the gas tube cover was a bear. Just dont drive it out the wrong direction.
  10. When I get it I will send you everything. I mailed off the other stock to you anyway. Let me know when you get it.
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    Itcboy - When you refinish the stock, the historical value goes out the window. Some time in the future, the value will be less than half of what it would be if it is just maintained.
  12. Gyrene is correct, but when all firearms are illegal--it won't matter. You will be able to get your asking price on the black market.
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    This statment is true to half of the collectors and also what rifle you are working on. A SKS by far is not a collectable rifle and there finish is **** poor anyone could duplicate it. I in no way harm the value of any stocks. I have worked on some of the very first Garand stock ever made and a few other very expensive stocks. I always take care to leave it as it came unless again it is a very common stock. I have seen so many take a stock and refinsih it with something other than was on it now this is a problem. Again half will not care and half care. It is up to the customer I guess but atleast when I do it I try and do it correctly like when they clean art work. Rick B
  14. Rick--

    I think that the Sks Russians are collectable. Granted they dont go for what a Garand goes for, but they are $300 to $400. The Yugos are the ones that are dirt cheap and have no collectability.
  15. Collectors have told me not to mess with the stock on these old military guns like Mausers. "You will remove the character". How much can you devaluate a $100 rifle? My Chickity China SKS vanish finnish is all bout worn off. I use it for hunting hogs in brush and heavy cover. I crawl on my belly and hands and knees, that sks gets beat up. Hell thats what its for
  16. Full Metal--

    This is a nice Russian SkS, if you go to the website I posted you will see its in great condition. I dont think having stock doc do his thing will greatly affect its value. It worth more than $100 though.
  17. StockDoc,

    have you ever gotten a stock you couldn't salvage?

    Sorta like...'My suggestion is to warm up the fireplace' kinda stock?

    You do some great work and I admire that...fer sure...yepper.
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    Thanks Dale and I have had a few maybe 5 I would not do 3 were sanded to death Beech and not to many care about them for Garands anyhow and I have about 20 semi good ones. I have passed up one cracked 03 where it was the wrist and to much was missing so to build it back up was a waste and it had no markings besides being a comon c stock. The one that hurt was the SASPG that was back from Denmark and sanded to death. The butt plate overhung all around and the trigger group floated so bad there was about 1/8th an inch see through. It was tough when I needed a piece of it for a repair. Rick