rifle cartriges in pistols??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jerry, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. jerry

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    Does any one have any success stories or horror stories on the effectiveness or accuracy or lack of in rifle calibers in arms like the TC Contender or XP100? Esp in 30-30 win. :confused:
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    I've never understood the logic in taking a caliber that was made for a rifle and using it in a handgun. We all know that the shorter barrel reduces the speed and effectivness in that situation. And yea I do agree with you about the gun magazines penchant for jumping back and forward about the technical stuff they report on. The only writer I have never caught in a contridiction is Jim Carmicheal with Outdoor Life. I trust his judgement in everything he has written about guns.

  3. jerry

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    Jim is good. As far as logic, I'm for about anything anyone wants to try or get into. lubrcates the wheels of the sport and makes it interesting. I'm not saying i'd go right out and buy one, but if i were at a range with a friend and he had one or another of something different and offered to let me shoot it, sure i would.
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    No info on the 30-30 but I use a Savage striker in 308 and Its just as accurate as my Browning in the same cal up to about 200yrds. after that the rifle has it hands down.
    As for the rifle verses pistol in same cal. with the not so quality minded production rifles like the 94 (great brush gun but not made for 100yrd plus shots) almost any cal will not give the tight groups of a tack driver like a contender or XP these are just made to better specs for accuracy (just my opinon)
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    I've shot the Contender in .223 Rem and .22 Hornet, and was favorably impressed. A friend has the .30-30, and likes to use spitzer bullets to get performance not attainable with the tube-mag rifles. I can't yet justify the cost of a contender for myself, but can see getting one at some point. It's just another facet of our sport. I have just recently gotten into centerfire single shot rifles, so I find the idea of a similar pistol interesting. I think I'll pass on the .45-70 Contender, though.
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    No horror stories that I can remember, only making shots that leave the rifle shooters wondering how it's done.

    Shot bowling pins onthe 400 meter line at Greater Pitt Gun CLub years back with a 338 CJMK XP-100 after shooting their rifle silhouette course with that gun, shot a 32 out of 40 first time tried getting sight settings.

    Got quite a few 400yards + groundhogs and one a tad over 500 yards with a 6mm/284 SSK Custom XP-100 that weighed 9.5 lbs, would always group under 1/4" at 100 yards.

    Got a bit of video from my shooting bud and neighbor at the HHI World Shoot and Hunt at the YO a couple of years back. They were shooting a TC Encore in 308 at a small round circle at 530 yards and 3 of them hit it 5 out of 10 times under less than desirable conditions. Lots of mirage and wind.

    Way back in the early 80's I bought a TC 14" in 30-30 and I had a terrible time with it, thought it ws just me learning to shoot it but ended up that it had the wrong twist of rifling for the 150's. The newer barrels shoot great from what I've been told.

    Don't let anyone fool you, these XP's and TC's will really shoot and will outshoot most factory rifles in capable hands out to 500 yards and sometimes even more.