Rifle prices are crazy!

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    Hey guys, This is realy crazy! I was looking for a lever action rifle in 30-30, I found the marlin 336W for 385.40 was a pretty good price for a lever action 30-30. So I just kept on looking around the web and found a henry lever action .22 magnum selling for 375.10! Thats crazy that for almost the same price for a .22 magnum you can get a 30-30. I mean think about, a .22 magnum is good for rabbit,fox,groundhog. A 30-30 is good for deer,bear,hog,ect. You do the math.
  2. thank dem democratic who think guns are bad

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    yeah,but the henry is a better rifle.
  4. I just bot a brand new in the box Henry for $150 from a gun shop that was closing.
  5. Well I won't even say what I paid for my Winchester 1894AE in 30-30 then. lol

    I'll say this, I willingly paid a little more then the going rate, as it has beautiful wood, my opinion, and was never shot. No box though. Plus, it's a winchester, not a pre'64 mind you, but a Winchester none the less. Besides, I had the cash to spend. Also, shipping and insurance wasn't cheap, then you have to add the transfer fee in. I'll admit, I still paid more then it was worth, but, it was worth it to me...

    But you're right, they are up there and they'll continue to be as long as they see people will pay it...

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    Have a Marlin 30-30 and Henry 22 Lr. both are great guns. However the Henry is becoming my favorite gun, only because I can afford to shoot it on a regular basis.
  7. i got my winchester 94 from my mom, belonged to my grand-dad

    i found one in a pawn shop for 299, not a bad price
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    Getcha one a dem Mosin Nagents for a couple a hunnerd bucks! They're the bomb says a bunch of folks here abouts. "Cheap" they say! The only reason to buy a gun..."It's cheap". And cuz it used to be the choice of the Russian Army, it'll kill anything just right!
  9. Funny at the same gun shop that was closing there was a 94 .30-30 and I bot that too. Paid $150 for it as well. Guess I was in the right place that time. Mosins are ok too. Ammo is not too bad for price yet. But I shoot K98's Enfields French MAS 49/56 Chileno Mausers and lots of other rifles. Just depends on what you like. Heck I have a nice 10/22 and thats fun to shoot as well.
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    all gun prices are kind of high, but if your paying for what you want and quality might was well drop the money lol. i dropped 900ish on my savage 10fp!
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    ive got $1150 into mine.
    it's exactly how i want it but still.

    $800 for my henry big boy with marbles sight
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    Its a henry! nuff said
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    Check out your local Gun Shows..if you have any. Great place to barter.

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    If you ever have the fortune to pick up a Henry and feel the action...you'll know WHY it's priced the same as a Marlin. The only thing I don't like about the Henry is the $800 price tag for a big boy.... I'd be scared to take it into the woods and use it like it is meant to be used. I'm much more comfortable taking a Marlin or Winchester if there's a chance it'll get scratched up or wet. OK, maybe not a winchester....I would rather use it (new ones) as a boat anchor.
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    thats the drawback to beautiful guns.
    im real careful with mine!