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Rifled slugs vs Grizzley Bears?

  • Yes, 2.75" Brennekes are enough for Grizzlies

    Votes: 4 44.4%
  • 2.75" aren't sufficient, but 3" magnums are

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Rifled slugs are insufficient, but Sabot slugs are enough.

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • All of the above are plenty for black bears, but not grizzlies

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • Either 1. An option not listed, 2. None are sufficient, or 3. BattleRifleG3 sucks.

    Votes: 3 33.3%

Rifled Shotgun Slugs against Grizzley Bears

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In my quest to identify what is ultimately necessary in order to defeat an attacking grizzley bear, I'm looking for the word on Rifled slugs, particularly 2.75" Brennekes. This would be for defense against them, not as a primary hunting weapon. The weapon would be either a Saiga 12 or a Mossberg 590.
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Yes, with the usual caveat about shot placement. Not to forget multiple shots - the Grizzleys have a high pressure blood system - the more holes to bleed him off, the better. When in doubt - empty the mag! :p
Where's the usual, "Get a girlfriend option?"LOL

I suppose it would work......My buddy used a 300winmag to do the trick.....Placed a bad shot and had to chase the thing and shoot it again.
YES the 2.75 Rifled would work I'v shot one in to a 6 inch peace of green hedge and go over half way through.
My Dad and Uncle have taken a few with 12ga 2 3/4" win. XXX with no problems. I have only ever taken one with a 45-70 gov.
but both of them still hunt them with the old 12ga's. I read some where that a 12ga deer slug could drop a rhino at 75 yrds with one shot to the vitals not sure I would test this or not but you can if you wish.
pumkin throwin shotguns fer grizz ??
my opinion,-------it matters how close ya are.
40 yards on in, i`d take a chance with my mossberg 590 with 3 in mags and 1 1/4 oz slugs.
there is a lot of lead going at a fast speed an if you hit a shoulder it should put him down.----i`d hope-lol lol
maybe a 4570 w/hammerhead ammo would be a hair better.
When fishing rivers in AK during summer where bears are a real threat, I see most people carrying 357-44mags. I take a little different route. I have a Glock 10mm on my hip at all times. It''s got more power than the 357 and 16rds to boot. It's also loaded alternately with Speer JHP and Corbon Penetrators. I figure I've got all my bases covered that way.
For god's sake boy, get yourself a girlfriend.:p LOL
I do have a girlfriend now.
Does her seeing eye dog like ya too? ;) :)

BRG3 Good for you treat her right. It can last you a life time. Well mine has been my best freind for a short time 20 Years. I am looking foward to twice that.
The rifle range is on my list for dates this spring. As is the park. Mountains can come all in good time.
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