Right caliber. Wrong cartridge

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  1. Visited my local gunsmith today this is what he was working on. Some 'ol boy here in Texas for some ungodly reason chambered and fired a .270 Winchester in a Weatherby .270 Magnum. Bet that guy had to clean his bricthes.
    The trigger guard and floor plate along with the stock are scrap.

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    I sure hope he isn't scrap.

  3. Pha,

    I was thinking of that same possibility with me some time back.

    I have several older military rifles and carbines and not all the calibers are indicated on the rifles and my memory isn't sharp enough, nor am I dumb enough, to rely on it. (He who guesses has a fifty-fifty chance of being wrong).

    Thinking of what a catastrophe it could be in an ammo mix up I began keeping a detailed log/notebook with each gun listed seperately, facts about it, assembly/disassembly notes and caliber that I can quickly refer to when pulling it out to shoot.

    When I buy the ammo I take a permanent marker and put the specific gun make on the box before I store it so there'll be no guess work later down the road.

    For example, I have the 8MM rifles (8 x 57) and now I have a Steyr 8mm (8 x 58).....vital I keep that mix up from happening.

    Sure am glad to hear the guy in your story is OK...he is, isn't he?
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    Dale,I think you got too many guns. LOL

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    Man was he lucky he wasn't injured or killed!
  6. Got the two spare bedrooms looking like an armory....working on the master bedroom, Wes.

    When that gets full I got the dining area.....the living room.....an wall island between the living room and kitchen. Then I have both bathrooms.....plenty of room.....not too many yet Wes, lol.
  7. Dale, post a picture of the two rooms.
  8. Jack, that was a methaphorical comment as I actually only have 21 guns.

    But, if ya talk to my wife she'd tell ya what I facetiously said is fact, lol.
  9. Told my honey that I had 1,000 rounds. She later told someone that I had a million. Women and numbers, dont mix.
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    Just tell her you collect guns like she collects shoes, only your buddies don't mind if you take the same gun to the range too often. And if you both have the same gun - cool!
    Guy Fashion Tip - a good Mauser goes with anything! :p
  11. Yea I'll ask her why she needs more than one dress????????