Right/Wrong Good/Bad what happened?

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    After 10 years in social work I got into that line of thinking..no right or wrong...your not a bad person you did a bad thing psyco babble....well been out of it for a year and starting to see the world as it is. My questio is what ever happened to the concept of right vs wrong good vs evil. It seems to me that the line has not moved its been stolen. There is no right or wrong...even legal vs illeagle...you did not commit a crime you hired a bad attorny or good one and got off. Maybe I delusional but I rember when you could say this thing..person is good that is bad. Maybe clinton and his crew erased the line..maybe OJ showed us justice is blind but can feel the amount of $$ you spent. when I read the news..look at the world I no longer see the line...see the society putting pressure on people to get with the program...I see a large collection of wesels all trying to out wesle each other.. with attorny wesels ready to get them out of the trap. The spin doctors can twist the truth so much that I feel like Im wrong for not sending bill and hillery my paycheck to help them out. I know there are good people out there..like on this board....but are we too few? Too late? I guess my questions is what happened to our country????????
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    We have turned into a nation of "victims",no personal responsibility anymore. It's always someone else's fault that we ate too much food and got fat,or drove like an idiot and the car maker made an un-safe car. On and on. When's the last time you heard someone say they fu****-up?

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    Only places like this forum.
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    I agree 100%. It's always someone else's fault when something bad happens. Or, they had a bad childhood and wanted what everyone else had, even though the idiot was too busy stealing cars, money, and the like to actually work like the normal stiffs do. It makes me mad when some idiot spills hot coffee in their lap and didn't know coffee was supposed to be hot after 15 years of drinking it. And, this fat slob who's blaming the fast-food restaraunts for his obesity should be thrown in jail for bringing such a stupid case into the system. Jail food will help his weight problem, I'm sure.
    I talked to a man from Thailand the other day and he said if an attorney brought something like this to a courtroom, the judge would have him permanently disbarred, and both the attorney and the complaintant would spend some time in the jail. The powers that be are letting people blame others for their stupidity and get away with it. Pretty soon, anyone you upset in your lifetime will be able to file a lawsuit against you for mental anguish and take everything you own because you caused him a life-long trauma the poor idiot couldn't work past. I'm already sick of this stuff and it's only getting started.
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    These verdicts make us cynical

    Our jails are full of people who didn't accept responsibility for their actions. Most blame others for their problems. They think they were victims of society then they try to take from others what they are too lazy to work for.

    And definitely in recent times, with the "O.J." and Clinton type of court verdicts, the public tends to get even more cynical, and with good cause.

    Those kind of verdicts are a slap in the face to supporters of decent law and order.

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    All excellant points - all are correct. Pansy a s sed people who cannot except responsibility deserve neither freedom or security. They need to be penned up and taken care of just like cattle, more like sheep!
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    deviant behavior is being purported to be mainstream and normal. we are all expected to accept it, if we do not then the problem is with us. example same sex marriages that are legal with all the legalities of a heterosexual marriage. allowing them to leagally adopt, divorce etc. i do not care if you want to mate with a racoon, thats your buisness, i do not care. but dont tread on me. do not expect me to accept it as normal and if i do not, the problem is not with me. even if you think your alone and all by yourself, stand by what is right. right will always be right. if you are criticized for doing right,,,, do right anyway
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    That's because social engineers in public agencies want marriage viewed as more of a business contract or arrangement rather than something given by God. Civilized religion is the reason why marriage was created. Otherwise, we resort to polygamous uncivilized aborigines. We don't practice monogamy because we were created that way, we practice it out of moral values. We weren't made to be monogamous. Early in biblical history, we weren't monogamous. We did it because God told us to (via Paul).

    Since the bible clearly and succintly defines same sex marriage as an abomination, it is ridiculous and insane for our government to support such a notion. There is no basis for it. The claims of equal rights do not apply because sexual preference is a choice, not a physical condition.

    It is a sad indictment of our society that we encourage rewarding individuals for making the wrong choices.
  9. it's gonna be just like Rome, only instead of being overrun by barbarian hordes from the north, we're being overrun by hedonistic, decadent, criminal, communist hordes from with in!

  10. Nice Wolf Doglips. Were you a Liberal some time in the past? I was. I concur with all of ya'll. It is the silent majorities fault for being silent. We the dads and moms of our chilren living our lives just to make ends meet. To busy to worry about "the world". Then one day, we awoke and geezy peezy what is gooing on? Every value we were raised by is under attack. From the foods we eat, social enginnering ( to government dependantcy) to the militent Homsexxtewvert- queers in our face and on the TV proclaiming to have rights! Take your raccoon and do want ever ya do, just don't expect me to accept it. I told one of our beloved homosexuals at work," ......to queers thats normal, to normal poeple thats queer".
    Chris can I post that as a quote?
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    yes FMJ I were a liberal.

    I have sined in my past....I left the Marines and went in to social work...I was indorctanated into the world were its not wrong its "alternative" I rember my first "real" social work job was teaching inmates serveing life or more not to drink or use drugs...an inprison 1 yr program paid for by your tax $$... Our big thig was that we could not "judge" the "clients" so the company line was "your not a bad person you just did some bad things"....funny how after saying it over and over you actualy belive its a true statement...I had 1 clown who hacked 2 people up with a machitee...even he looked at me like I was smokeing dope when I said that line. Then like you said one day the jerry springer rejects I were dealing with hit me and I got out....I guess when the fog wore off....I was shocked at what the real world was like. I thought it was just the "clients" I had..like they were the exception...even when I was working for DCF (Floridas KGB) doing sex abuse investigations....I figured the world was doing ok..the 300 cases a year I got are the odd balls. I would joke that I watched Jerry Springer to see "normal" people. Maybe librals are happyer that people who see the reality of our world...livieng in a everyone is nice the just made bad choices world were its ok to smoke crack, molest children and merry a relative who is the same gender you are....they say ignorance is bliss...
    I guess Ill have to say 10 Hail Rushes and wash my brain in holy water ..
  12. Good looking Wolf avatar Doglips

    Amen! I awoke in 1994. Started to wake up prior to that when the age of " The angry white male". 94 I started listening to Rush. At first, didn't know who that ranting raveing idiot was. But he said something that made me THINK. Remember that slogan from the 60's. Found the ol fat boy on the radio again, and he pixxed me off again, but the wheels in the ol brain started turning. Oh, OK, that's Rush. Thought he was a Tom Boedept (sp) type of guy. Rush asked this question once, "Who was Nichole Brown Simpson?" The answer was , "...the murder victim in the Mark Furman Trial". hehehe
    Always thought the media just reported the news. But the mid-term elections of 1994 opened my eyes. Being from Missouri, the show me state, I began stopping off at the library after work and read the papers and magizines that were quoted during the day on talk radio. Needed to verify what I heard.
    I have a job where I can sometime listen for several hours.
    Bad thing about people who see black and white, we are vilified by the social engineers and their willing accomplishes in the main-steam media.
    I watch ABC news because I want to know what their lying to me about.
    Chris, can I use that as a Quote?
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