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  1. calaper

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    Hi guys,

    Looking at buying a .22 on the cheap side of things. Been looking at a lefthand savage Mk II GL? Has anyone owned this rifle and how does it perform? Mainly just a little plinker/hunter and also a little bit of range use is all i would use it for. Also what ammunition works best for you?
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    I have the Mark II-BTVS. However the trigger and action on all the Savage rimfires are essentially the same. The trigger is excellent, andon the bolt/action at least mine has never misfired a round, in 1600 or so fired to date. My best 50 yard 5 shot group is 0.214". The main differences between the models is the barrel and stock. On the stock what you see is what you get. On the barrels the heavy varmint style I'm sure is a bit better (all the models with a V in the model name), but I hear about good results with the lighter barrel too. The Mark II-BV at a bit higher cost might provide a little more accurate targets. It also comes with mounts for a scope and a clean barrel.

    The best ammo I've found is Lapua Midas M. Here it costs about $135 per brick of 500, so not cheap. In the more modest priced stuff, Lapua Super Club and Eley Target Rifle are pretty good. For hollow points, Remington Cyclone worked nearly the best. In bulk really cheap stuff, Winchester Dynapoints ($17 a brick of 500) were good, but do have fairly frequent flyers.

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  3. calaper

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    I've picked up the MKII gl. I might try some of the ammunition you mentioned. Although here in Australia, i'm sure our ammunition is a little more limited to what you have. I will however try the Eley match rifle because i did see that at the shop. So i presume that you perhaps got your best results using standard velocity rounds?

    I went with the savage mainly because of costs and they have quite a good reputation on some of their centerfire rifles.

    So obviously your rifle is capable of good groups, might i ask what sort of scope you have on top?
  4. Ron AKA

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    I have a Bushnell Banner 6-18X50AO scope. I did not have that good a luck with Eley Match EPS, which was very surprising. Not sure if I got a bad batch or what. There cheaper Eley Target Rifle and Eley Practice shot better. I also had a feeding problem with the EPS bullet style. It worked fine on the first four rounds but the 5th and last round out of the clip jammed every time. Seems strange, but that is what happened to me.

    Here is my current ranking list of cartridges based on 50 yard estimated group size for 5 shots:


    I'm sure you will have fun with your new gun,

  5. calaper

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    thanks ron, i'll look into trying some of those rounds on your chart. Not sure i have all of those available to me but i'll give it a go. thanks
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    Am sure that you will enjoy your gun, I bought a Savage MKll F and love that little rifle, accurate!
  7. calaper

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    Certainly had a lot of fun with my rifle when i took it out bush over the weekend. I set up targets at 50yards and used federal champion std velocity with a little success. I could get some decent groups but not very consistent.

    Over here in Australia i am quite limited to what ammunition is available. I am going to try out the CCI standard velocity this weekend at the range and hopefully will get some better results.

    I did notice that sometimes i would get freak shots but i am hoping that user fault. Is it common to have some random flyers with .22lr? Also is it better to have a light trigger when target shooting or heavier?

    None the less, i love my rifle!