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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Trigger Toe, May 6, 2008.

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    I got duped into buying a Yugo SKS from a gun show. It has jammed since day 1. I have tried changing parts on the SKS, it still jams. I've tried different ammo. Still jams. I hear now that the Russian and Chinese are the best. Nobody will buy it and now I don't know what or who to trust being a new gun owner. I love the AR-15's but they are expensive. Any suggestions on a semi-auto rifles that are reasonably priced with reliable results. Thank god I wasn't in a war with that SKS.
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    well i agree with you that russians and chinese are the best. i personaly have a chinese and love it. what parts have you tryed to swap out? have you had a gunsmith look at it? i know that marion has a yugo and many others here and they realy like them, im sure one of them can help.

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    I have a yugo sks myself, and I've never had a problem. I even use the cheapest ammo I can find (wolf) and it never jams on me. Have a gunsmith look at it, it might be an easy fix.
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    I think that your experience with the SKS is not normal. Typically, you can whack Orcs all day with your SKS and still take down a deer in the evening. Not accurate, but ever so reliable. Must be something on yours that needs tweaking. See a gunsmith before you give up.
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    Hang in there and we will try and help you get it working !! I have a yugo and a norinco and love them both .
    1 see if you can explain what its doing exactly so we get a better idea other than it jams,,
    2 post a pic if you can of the breech with it open
    3# tell us exactly what you have changed out
    Stick with use and we will try and help you !
    There isnt anything on that yugo that cant be fixed other than a mangled barrel and even that can be replaced
  6. First thing I'd do, clean it and then clean it again. Inspect the chamber and make sure it isn't all gummed up from Wolf ammo, the green lacquered kind. Inspect the ejector, maybe even take the bolt apart and make sure it's thoroughly cleaned out of cosmoline. Inspect the gas valve, make sure there is no pitting or corrosion on it. Make sure the gas valve system is in the 2:00 position for semi auto/normal shooting. The 12:00 position is for shooting grenades if it had a launcher, and also for removing the gas valve for cleaning/inspection. Most the Yugo M59/66 do have grenade launchers unless someone has butchered or bubba'd it off.

    Best places to start. Also, just for informational purposes, what ammo you been using or trying to use?
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    Ive never heard of anyone having that hard a time with an sks. No matter what country it came from. Ive had a dozen over the last 10 or so years and never came across a bad one. you need to get that looked at by a smith, could be something real simple.
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    The only SKS's I have seen, of hundreds processed, that wouldn't shoot were a Yugo with a badly corroded gas tube and a another that had ill fitted bolt. A little file work on the bolt and the receiver lug surfaces and a new gas tube for the yugo and 100% reliable.
  9. alaskamonte

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    I'll SWAG that any SKS with jam problems likely has one of those buck fifty highcap conversions!
  10. You're probably right there Alaskamonte?
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    i think that may be it as well. My friend is a gunsmith and he dissuaded me from from doing a conversion on mine.
  12. Big Dog

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    Check the recoil spring - curly end goes into the bolt carrier first! This can cause the problem, and is easy to mistakenly do.
    The check the gas valve. If it is worn, it will leak too much gas, causing short cycling that can lead to jams. Quick fix by either making a 'gasket' or 'O' ring of soft copper wire for the gas tube, or coat the inner valve body in Blue Permatex Gasket Maker and reinstall before it sets. This has worked for my Yugo SKS for several years.
  13. +1 on the gas valve. I had one that would freeze in the "grenade" position. One round would loosen it up. Then I could switch to semi auto. You can find parts pretty easy.
  14. What ammo you using? I bought an unissued Yugo about four years back and I have picked it over with tooth picks even trying to get out all the cosmoline and it still wouldn't run more than one mag of Wolf without jamming alot. Then one day I finally tried some military surplus stuff and it ran silky smooth through 200 rounds of it. I never feed her Wolf anymore, and now, I never have a complaint about it. Not to forget, it would jam on both, the old laquer coated and the new polymer coated Wolf. Just cheap, dirty ammo! I agree with not giving up on it yet too. They're great rifles when you get the rare issues worked out. Just try and give us more info on all the things everyone has suggested and I'm sure one of the many briliant minds here will figure it out...Good luck.
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    as others have stated check the gas system take it apart and clean it i have 2 of those yugo's and never had a problem! it has been my experience any way, that they come covered in cosmolene need to be taken apart and cleaned!
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    I agree with Big Dog.
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    If you dont like it I'll give you $50 for it so you dont have to look at it anymore. LOL
  18. If your looking into buying a cheap semi auto rifle to add to a starting collection look in to a ruger 10/22. They are like 150-220ish depending on what modle and style you buy. I have a ruger 10/22 carbine all black I paid 189. Stock it has a 10 round box mag but you can buy 10, 25, 30, 50, and 100 round mags for the 10/22. I have a 25 and 30 round banana clip and its fun to fire off and hasnt jammed one time on me yet. The 10/22 is only a .22 long rifle but its a fun plinker and its the cheapest ammo to feed a rifle^^ Also if you into moding there are 100s of kits you can buy for a 10/22. You can do everything from change the mag release to making it look like a world war 2 MG42.
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    ^ agreed the 10/22 is teriffic! but i dontthink he should give up on his yugo sks yet.
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    First tell use what ammo your useing?
    I agree dont give it up just yet .. several gun smiths i talked to have told me not to use wolf ammo in My sks so I dont .. ad big dog and steve said check out the spring and stuff