Road Flares for Fire Starting?

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    You don't need brake fluid, any organic (hyrdo-carbon) fuel will work.

    What happens is the Chlorine reacts with something in the fluid (I think it's the water, but I'm no expert). Anyway, the reaction builds heat and pressure to the point that your fuel (brake fluid in this case) catches fire.

    This isn't a really smart thing to carry when trying to survive though. Chlorine has very few survival uses to humans, and under the right circumstances is extremely toxic and deadly.
  2. I used to have a fair supply of the tri-oxane tabs many years back just a caution though the smoke from these is HIGHLY toxic so avoid a fires smoke when using these as fire starters until they are completely consumed and don't use then indoors at all, if you want fire starters or maybe what some might call a fire starter aid you might try what I used to make for helping get a fire lit in harsh conditions. If you can find one use an old style metal ice tray, with medium to coarse wood chips loosely fill the ice tray, then fill the ice tray with melted parrafin. allow to harden for several hours THEN place in a deep freeze (if all you got is the kitchen refrig freezer put em in for about 2 hours) for about an hour or so, take em out and rap the ice tray smartly on the counter or with a wooden mallet to remove from the tray and gently pry eack fire starter "Cube" from the metal separator, you can warm them slightly in a foil lined pan in a low oven (the metal absorbs and stores heat faster than the wood/parrafin mix) I used to make these with a tiny bit of tinder they'd normally flare right up a burn steadily for 20-30 minutes.

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    I used to make a similar item, main difference was I used sawdust instead of wood chips. It does work great for getting a fire going.

  4. Earl, weren't the tri-oxane tabs used to heat MREs? Toxic smoke? Sounds like a bad combination.
  5. Actually Dookie they were used to heat k-rations and C-rations never ever saw them pkg for the MRE's. they never made alot of smoke but burned hotter than hades. But the older packs of them had a warning printed on them warning you not to breath the toxic smoke. Of course then by now you can guess my generation, we even got smokes in the old C-rations LOL! and the matches to light em!!