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Rocky Mountain Arms blackpowder rifles

Discussion in 'Muzzle Loading' started by LEE3370, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know anything about the blackpowder rifles that were made by Rocky Mountain Arms in the early 70s? They were designed by Dick Casull of .454 Casull fame. They were made in .44, .36, and .22. They loaded from the rear with a swivel breach, not from the front like a normal muzzleloader.
  2. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

    I've never seen one but it sounds pretty interesting, got any pics?

  3. I will see if I can take some and post them.
  4. toolman

    toolman Resident Sasquatch Forum Contributor

  5. Here are the pictures.
    It is about the size of the cricket ww rifle.
    To load it you press the lever on the left of the rear block and twist the breech 90 deg. Pour in 7 grains of fff and press in a .24 ball. I use a small set of channel locks with leather glued on the jaws. You then remove the small "cap cup" on the rear of the breech and put in a capgun cap (the ones today are not as powerful as the ones in 1970 so I use two) and turn the breech back inline with the barrel. cock and fire. It uses a rebounding firing pin so it seems pretty safe.
  6. Bill Jacobsen

    Bill Jacobsen G&G Newbie

    RMAC rocky Mountain Arms, SLC Ut

    What would you like to know? I worked there 72-74.
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  7. Howdy Bill,
    OK, here goes?
    How many of each of the different calibers did they make. .22's, .36's, and .44's.
    Is there anywhere I can get spare "cap cups"?
    What is the value on the little .22 A22W now?
    Thank You very much,
  8. JimPierce47

    JimPierce47 G&G Newbie

    Hello, I currently have a .22 Cal Rocky Mountain Arms black powder rifle that is 99% it is in excellent shape. I also have the original led balls in original manufactures bags. I also have 3 boxes of origianal rolled caps and 3 original cap holders. I am trying to sell this rare gun and am having a hard time locating anyone who even knows what it is. This is a rare find if you have a suggested price or even a good site that would have more info for me please advise.

    Thank You...

    Jim Pierce
  9. Search maybe and see if any have sold recently, then if so, you might get an idea of what you might be able to get. Also maybe check the other online auctions.

    I'd also wait and see what answers, if any, that lee gets from Bill. Depending on how many were made, and the odds of just how many may be left, will play a big rold in the values of any others, same caliber or not maybe?

    Lee, pretty neat looking little rifle you have there.
  10. Howdy Jim,
    Welcome to G&G. You will find a very great bunch of Folks here and there is something for everyone in the many fourms. Drop by the intro thread and let everyone have a chance to give you a big HOWDY.

    OK, on the RMAC 22, I can tell you how many has sold on AuctionArms and GunBroker in the past four years. None on AA and three on GB. I bought two off GB about four years ago and last week another one sold there. It sold for $70.00, nothing came with it and it was scratched up a little. I have had searches set up there for that long to notify me if one comes up for auction.
    There was one in very good condition on GunsAmerica last winter for $149.00 but it didn't sell. I just went back and looked for it. It is back. I had first said that it was $125.00 but that was wrong I guess or he has raised his price. See it here:

    I have been trying to get one in each caliber (22, 36, 45) but the 22 is the only one that I have seen.
    I have looked every where I can think of for four years trying to find out what one of them might be worth in various conditions but I can't find anything.
    DON'T let it go until you find out something firm on what it is worth.
    If you do start to sell it, PLEASE, let me know what you are offered, or are selling it for. I might be able to buy it.
    If you find out anything, let me know what and where, and I'll do the same.
    Good luck,
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  11. Earl Easter

    Earl Easter Pheasant Hunter Forum Contributor

    Hi ya LEE
    Just peekin at your rifle pictures and i like it a lot. Cant answer your questions but thank you for posting the pictures...
  12. ibfarrel

    ibfarrel G&G Newbie

    I also have one of these and have .22 balls for it.

    I bought mine new. They were put on sale at the grand opening of a Govway in Phoenix in the early 1970's. I think I paid $20 regularly $44.
    I have several hundred lead balls for it. Getting paper caps for it would probably be a trick. Does anyone know a good source for them?
  13. Huachucarev

    Huachucarev G&G Newbie

    Caps are available at Rolled, 1000 in a box for $5.00. I need a Cap Cover for my RMAC A22W. Anyone have one for sale? I have one .22 that is unfired.. Willing to sell or reade.
  14. I know it's a little late in posting but I have 8 or 9 of the cap holders for this rifle & am willing to part with 1. how much are you wanting for yours or what are you willing to trade for. BTW, I'm in California. Email me at if you are still interested. Thanks
  15. Thanks, but all my "stuff" is gone.
    I sent a PM to Huachucarev letting him know about your cap holders. He needs them.
    Again, Thank you.
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  16. O'well a bit late lol. These little rifles are a blast to shoot.
  17. Ranger Rick

    Ranger Rick G&G Newbie

    Looking for a shooter...

    I "lost" my little RMR .22 to a "good" friends borrowing... I would like to find a shooting condition rifle for my son to enjoy... Missing parts would be okay as I'm handy that way...
  18. srchipper

    srchipper G&G Newbie

    a story about rmac 22

    strange thing i poke in 22cal black powder rifle and came up with froum stroy is i seen the orignal proto gun that dick had bilt and the reason for it was to make a 22 that was cheaper to shoot than a air rifle at the time never new if he put in prodution also seen a 22cal hand gun that fit in a western belt buckle that shoot 22 long that i do know he made cause shortly after that he moved shop to wyo and changed names to freedom arms i to would be intrested in buying own be cause the way he told story was you used double o bouck for ball

    thanks new to sight
  19. Well Srchipper, you may find one of the little 22's, but I doubt you will find caps that will make them fire. Good Luck,
    I now collect the North American Arm mini revolvers. Good little guns. I had one Rocky Mountain 22 LR and one 22 cap and ball mini.