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Rodeo fire in Az.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Snakebite, Jun 23, 2002.

  1. I'm watching the updates on the forest fire here and its turned into the biggest fire most people have ever seen. It now covers 458 square miles. Thats and area over 3 1/2 times the size of Tucson. They have evacuated 25,000 people and it looks like the entire town of Show Low may go up in flames. I have worked and spent a lot of time in those areas and I think its the prettiest country in the whole state. It certainly has the best trout fishing. Its still completely out of control and as of this time it has burned at least 115 homes. Unfortunately there will be many more lost and there is no rain anywhere in sight. The front of the fire is about three miles wide with flames 200 feet high approaching the town. Thats gotta be a scary sight for homeowners.President Bush is supposed to sign papers tomorrow declaring it a federal disaster area.
  2. I agree show low is very beautiful country, i have a few friends near Pine top, but they say they're quite a way from the acctual fire, but can see it clearly.


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    God help the people in Gods country, thankfully they had plenty of time to leave...everything can be replaced, but a loved one would be gone forever.
  4. I, as everyone else in here, thinks that any devastation is a life hurdle that no one should have to endure.

    However, it just godes me to hear interviews with residents in the White Mountain area talk about being concerned about their future because they had no dang insurance on their homes!

    C'mon people, if you value your home, or the ability to defend your home or self in times of lawsuits you gotta have that dern home owner's insurance.

    I know what I pay and it's cheaper than my truck insurance and far less than my property taxes. It's just something you gotta have.

    But, those poor souls, if they lose their homes, will have nothing to help them out with. Even federal aid received as Bush's proclamation of a disaster area is only gonna pay off the existing loan on the home and if they find out you had no're bolted (can't say the 's' word, ya know) and won't give you a low cost government loan.

    As I was coming back from Home Depot today I observe two freakin' idiots toss cigarettes out of their windows. I tried to catch 'em to get a license plate but I was loaded with bricks and had no chance.

    It would miff me if those people were from Kalifornia, Utah, New Mexico, Ohio, etc., but these two vehicles had Arizona plates on them and they still don't care if the state burns up.
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    Watch it with the Ohio stuff :D
  6. And New Mexico -- my birth state. Thanks for shopping at Home Depot. It helps pay my bills. Does the Depot have a tool rental, thinking about a transfer.:D
  7. All joking aside those folks in the path of the fire need some heavenly intervention. Probably wouldn't hurt to do a old fashion rain dance too. Well at least it works on TV.
  8. The Home Depots around the Phoenix area have tool rentals...fer sure.

    As far as the fire again, from what I know of the area, if it continues to burn northward into the high plains, it should burn itself out.

    Or at least, slow down significantly to allow the firefighters a chance to get a good foot hold.

    I'd do a rain dance but the last one I did all it did was hail a little bit. My wife said she was off from school the day they had Rain Dance 101, lol.

    We haven't had any measurable rain since October, I believe. I'm hoping for the start of a good monsoon season here in the next few weeks. But, I'm afraid it'll be a little late coming if it indeed does come. Everything, and I mean everything, is bone dry and ripe for more fires.
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  9. Lenny

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    Show Low

    I have a few native american friends in show low. The news claims that part, if not all, of show low is going to burn. Unfortunately, my friends and their families and friends are not big believers in insurance. I hope they make it out OK. Physically and financially.