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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Toys That Kill: Anti-Gun advertisement UK[/ame]

    i seriously laughed my nuts off when i saw this one
  2. badass

    plastic airsoft guns do that? :D

  3. ohh man, one time i saw my friend get shot in the back of the throat as he yelled about a freak accident, boy he was not feeling good
  4. JohnBlaze

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    dang, and I don't even need an ffl to buy those types of guns! heck yes!
  5. That was down right sickning !!! I can't beleive anti gun chit's would stoop that low to make a film like that !
  6. AKHunter

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    That is the most blantanly false advertisement/propaganda I have ever seen.
  7. is it even possible for a 3rd grader in the uk to turn a cheap toy into a real fire arm with out blowing up their hands?
  8. TXplt

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    That's pretty low and wrong.
  9. sell33

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  10. Midas

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    Airsoft guns being converted to shoot centerfire ammuntion? only a fool could believe such ignorant propaganda.
  11. Seabeescotty

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    Those folks will stoop to anything, in order to try to force the rest to toe their line. That is the lowest form of propaganda I have seen, yet. Prob'ly paid for by George Soros his own self. It's just the kind of garbage I would expect from the man.
  12. jmp8927

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    It is sickening.
  13. Seven©

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    At it's finest!
  14. SKS NOOB

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    That was just plain insulting to the inteligence of any gun owner with common sense. When will they learn that it isn't the tool, but the heart and minds of the person using it?
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    I believe they are referring to replica guns, which look and are for almost all purposes real guns that fire blanks and used as movie props mostly.

    Either way, it would be a very hard stretch for a grade schooler to get their hands on one, and then convert it to a real gun. Like they have the tools, know how or the resources to do that.

    I have seen some replica guns since my old roommate used to (and still does) work in small budget independent films, mostly horror films. They look just like real guns, have magazines and fire blanks. The only difference I can think of, is I think the barrel is pretty much closed up, except for a tiny amount, just enough for the muzzle fire.
  16. thats terrible..... why do they think they can just go out and do that we could go out and make a video about terrorists comeing over here and start shooting at us but we wouldnt have any guns to defend ourselves so we would be using rubber mallets to defend ourselves but we dont!!!!!
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    Then you would be stooping to their level.
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    Well someone's gotta fight that bs don't they? And what better way to do it than with the exact same method those soccer moms did it in? Not only would it be a form of opposition to the banning of all things firearms related, but it also might open the eyes of the ignorant ones who don't see through the blatant propaganda.
  19. Wait, did I hear that right? REPLICA GUNS ARE BEING CONVERTED INTO REAL GUNS? And wait, let me guess, by those little kids right? How flipping ridiculous and misleading. What a bunch of horse crap.

    Most replica guns can't support or hold the pressures of a real gun. I don't think they can anyways.