romanian .22s

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by matt760, May 12, 2008.

  1. matt760

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    i used to see the romanian 22 trainer rifles in shotgun news all the time but i dont think i've seen them in a long time. did they quit importing them? where do i find them and are they still cheap? they used to list for like 65 bucks or something. are they worth it? to me just about any gun that goes off at least half the time is worth 65 bucks.
  2. SwedeSteve

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    I haven't seen them around either.

  3. Big Dog

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    They ran out - there were only so many imported. They are very well worth the price! Excellent shooters. Scoping them is a bit tricky though - need a Dremel to do it right.
  4. matt760

    matt760 G&G Enthusiast

    so i have to try to find one used...well more used? that sucks. do you know of any companies that still sell them?
  5. Big Dog

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    I occasionally see them at the gunshows. You could also check GunBroker, AuctionArms and GunsAmerica. Any good local FFL can receive and transfer them for you.
    Despite some having been sold in the past as C&R, they really are NOT C&R rifles.
    They entered service in 1969, and were produced into the 80's. Mine is a 1987 model.
  6. My m69 shoots nice. I think i paid 70 dollars for it. Refinished the wood, lightened the trigger and afterward I bought several mags for it.
  7. matt760

    matt760 G&G Enthusiast

    i really want one. for some reason i just developed a strong desire to collect a few of the cheap foreign military rifles. i dont know what exactly sparked this but last year a bought an old mauser. then just recently i started wanting a mosin nagant, then a british enfield, now a romanian trainer. i'd just like to get some shooter grade rifles. nothing special. just wanna get them before they go up i guess.
  8. matt760 We all have that same strong desire too and it's something we all have to live with if you love guns !
    There will be other guns that will come along and we'll day dream about them, we'll go to bed thinking about that certain gun and how to accquire it.

    If you search long and hard you'll find that 22 you want.
    Good Luck and Happy hunting...A.H
  9. I've got one. Refinished the stock, it was nasty when I got it varnish, cosmoline and only God knows what else. see pics in my albums romanian 22 stock...needs a few more coats of tru-oil