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    i see the bulk of ak's now seem to be romanian, what would you say the heirarchy is as far as the ak's (quality + price). i see mostly romanian, some chinese, and i know i have seen other eastern bloc makers. i like the fact that romanians are $300 but i'm not up on all the in's and outs of the ak.
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    I own a Norinco, and the fit and finish is superb, better than the romanians I've seen. Accuracy is not bad either. Took it to the range yesterday and after dialing up the sight to 400yds, was hitting the gong at 400yds! (about every 2nd to 3rd shot, russian ammo). Not bad for the "not very accurate" ak.

  3. BattleRifleG3

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    There are two kinds of Romanians: The SARs and the WASRs. The WASRs are converted to double stack from single stack. The SARs are more original. I think the SAR is a notch or two above the WASR and worth a little more.
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    Yep, I've got a WASR-10. Its fine. Finish isn't as nice as some, but AK's arn't pretty. I eventually will replace the wood with aftermarket synthetic furniture. The big difference in AK's is the receiver. Milled receivers tend to be more accurate than stamped receivers. The short sight radius (distance between front and rear sights) is what effects accuracy too. A scope will fix that. The original Russian AK was built to loose tolerances, in order to function in combat conditions in hot and cold environments, which speaks to its continued success. You can dunk it in mud, pick it up and it will still function, and hit hard. Just a note - milled receiver AK's tend to be more expensive. Stamped is fine with me.
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    so the wasr's are double stack and the sar's are single?
  6. J.A.

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  7. BattleRifleG3

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    NO. WASRs come over single stack and many have been converted to double stack. SARs have always been double stack. That's why they're worth more. Single stack WASRs are $180 dealer price. SARs are $320 dealer price (last I saw). SARs have gone up in price and gotten more rare. Converted WASRs are between $280 and $300 dealer price. I've seen plenty of WASRs in person for $330ish, that's about a fair price. $350 is fair for SARs. Some come with hi-cap mags, which cost more.
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    Just remember,The Romanian AK is a 300 dollar gun that works like all get out.It aint pretty,but it sure does get the job done.:p
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    :mad: One can't associate the quality of the AKs on the market by the numbers.
    The numbers have,up to now,been controled by the politicians stopping their importation as the become available.
    The order in which they seem to have been banned represents their quality.First banned Russian,then Chinese,then Egyptian,soon Romanian,thereafter Bulgarian,etc.
    We buy what we can get,and the gummint follows suit by banning what we buy.
    I think most of us can see where this is leading.I may or may not have gotten the order a bit wrong,but I think you guys get the point.Even the SKSs have gotten down to the bottom of the barre'
    I just sold a Norinco SKS to a dealer for a lot more than I paid for it,it was the only one a the whole show!
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    There all OVER the place here. At the last show there was ONE dealer with about 20. All nice shape and condition. they ran $150. I forget exactly what you asked in the beginning so . . . if your thinking of buyin a ak and arn't sure get a Mosin or a SKS first and see if you like the caliber. Then I would go with a Romanian AK as I have heard (if they have a Milled reciever) they are the best. my 2 mags worth.
  11. Rave

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    REALLY appreciate my KAK-90 now!

    After going to a gun show this Saturday and looking at all the AKs I found all the Romanians but one had canted sights,one off at least 3/8",but no problems with any of the other AKs.
    After this experiance I would suggest you get anything other than a Romanian AK!:D :D :D :D :D
  12. BattleRifleG3

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    There are many good Romanian AKs out there. It seems to be luck of the draw.
  13. FEG

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    Why I Bought a Romanian SAR-1

    The SAR-1 is the closest post-ban AK to a pre-ban AK at an affordable price. That is a pretty strong trump card IMHO. For an extra $30, you can avoid the hassle of a converted WASR. You will eventually want to replace or at least refinish a Romanian's stock, as it is too short and slick. I ordered mine through the net at a great price and got a decent rifle. My friend paid a few extra bucks at the gun shop and got a beautiful specimen by being more patient.

    You cannot buy a new AK with a decent stockset without going to an Arsenal. The Arsenal AKs (Bulgarian assembled in US) may be worth the extra $200-300 if you're going to turn around and customize an SAR-1. They are available with milled receivers. If I could do it over again, I would probably buy a milled Arsenal AK.

    I won't buy a Chinese gun and support their military industrial complex, so that pretty much rules them out. (When was the last time the Romanians forced down one of our planes?) The new Chinese guns are all "sporters" now anyways. Once again, you can EASILY put $200 bucks into building a post-ban legal Chinese AK with the desired features.

    Accuracy in AKs seems to depend more on the individual gun than country of origin in the stamped receiver rifles. All AKs are potentially more accurate than some would claim. By the same token, these rifles were designed to be used more on full auto, and they will ultimately disappoint someone interested in making 400m shots with a top flight scope. It's possible, but only just... Ironically, it is easier to mount a scope on a European AKM (Romanian and Bulgarian) with a side-mount receiver than on either Chinese and Egyptian AKs or an SKS (the shell deflector should have been a warning).
  14. Eric

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    In my opinion the bulgarian is the best buy for the money. I know you can buy a single stack Romanian for $150 and a double stack for $289. but the problems with the sights are a NO GO. They are coming in with the front sight as much as 15 degrees out. If you are buying it with your hands on it, OK. but if you are ordering it, it's not worth the risk. My two-cents anyway. Good Shooting! Eric
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    I guess I got my SAR-1 at the right time (bought it in 10/00). My sights are on straight, the wood is fine with me and she is accurate as all get out. My wife loves it, I wish she would let me shoot it!

    Just my 2 cents worth.

    Steve G in NE
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