Romanian SKS, matching #'s +

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  1. Romanian SKS, matching #'s + 2000 rounds of ammo on stripper clips for $350 bucks; Worth it or not?

    NO I haven't seen it yet to tell anything about condition of furniture,metal or barrel. But if all those are fine, is the price with all that ammo worth it? If it is
    :feedback: I'll try and check it out in a few days.
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    yes..... thats all i have to say about this!

  3. I will say worth it. LOL
  4. Oh and was also told they have a Maddi on consignment for $650? I said a little high, is the guy firm, said yes it is firm.
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    I would say that is a good deal! Romanians are not easy to find.
  6. marion57

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    Glock the ammo alone is worth over 200 bucks and if your not interested I sure would be , the rifle is worth about 250
  7. Thanks Marion, I only found out about it today. I'll look at it as soon as I can and if I decide to pass on it, I'll let the person know that I know someone interested. I'm not sure if they'll want to ship it out of state or not, because I'm not sure if this one is a consignment sale or not and if it is, I'll have to see if the owner would want to ship it to sell it? But if I pass, I will gladly send you the info on how to get in touch with the person and you can take it from there.

    I mean, they also have an Egyptian Maddi AK also for sale. That one as I said, is a consignment sale and they are firm on $650.00. But I'm going to look at that one also. And if I like it better, I'll make a cash offer, and if still rejected, I'll turn my attention to the Romanian SKS and as I said, if I pass, I'll do what I said I would.

    Is that cool with you?
  8. marion57

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  9. Can you say SOLD!!! Sorry Marion, but once I saw it, and the condition it is in, a few minor dings, but all in all, BEAUTIFUL, bore was bright and shiny with lots of rifling and then saw all that ammo on stripper clips that came/comes with it, I couldn't pass it up. I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Get to pick it up tomorrow, gotta wait the 24 hours in Illinois.

    I was told it was a Sheriff that traded it in. They're wanting to get themselves a Bushmaster M4 "Patrolman's Carbine". So it was well maintained and taken care of. Don't think or even look like it's been fire much, if at all?

    Again, sorry I couldn't pass it up. I will honestly say this. If I ever go to get rid of it, I'll ask you first Marion...
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    I am happy for you glock it is a heck of a good deal .. Congrrats:)
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    Just the ammo is worth it.
  12. squirrelblaster

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    congrats Glock!! thats a great deal you got there!
  13. Thanks to all.
    I'll gladly post pictures of it when I get her home. I forgot to mention the metal/bluing is easily @ 95% or there abouts, if not a tad better. The wood has a shiny finish to it, but could use a cleaning. And by that, all I mean is to take some Murphy's wood soap to it is all.

    In with the ammo, which I got to bring home today, there was a thick rubber butt pad. I'm guessing either the guy who had it got it with it or bought it new but either way never mounted/used it. The metal butt pad is still on it.

    As a kind of tease, it looks like this one, wood color and shine wise, as well as condition, not the gun itself, you all know what it looks like, lmao. lol.

    As for the rubber butt pad I spoke of, I found a picture of one with it on it, over the metal one. Is that/this how they're suppose to look or be? See this picture. Is that normal? Or is that what a puppy that can't handle the little bit of recoil these have does? lmao

    And the more I look at the first, top picture, the more I want to say that's it? I wonder what those odds are? Wish I could see the numbers on it. lol Because I tell you what, it's dam close if not it.
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  14. Glock I'm shocked !!! You've got a nice SKS now and I'm Jealous !!! I want one before I buy a Mosin.
    You did good buddy enjoy.
  15. A.H. as per usual, THANK YOU for your kind and supportive words.

    What kind of SKS do you want? Another/ different local dealer has like 10 more Yugos in stock. I believe again all matching numbers, unissued and in cosmoline. I'd have to confirm the unissued and matching part, but if I remember correctly, that's what he told me when I asked...He's asking/wanting too much. Why I passed.

    Here's one of his auctions for one from his first batch. guns: Yugo SKS UNISSUED 100% condition *MUST SEE* (item: 98601192 ends: May-06-08 12:51:16 PM)
    This one is unissued and numbers matching. And the reason this one is so high, he cleaned it up and went through it. But the price is also the reason it hasn't sold yet either. But it is one super clean brand new looking Yugo SKS. That is a fact. The one in this auction has been in my hot little hands. And it is really sweet. It's just to high. I have a feeling, if someone offered say, $250.00, he might, and I do mean might take it. Have to call and make the sale outside of GB. That wouldn't include shipping though.

    And I can say Samco Global, where most FFLs get them from, is asking and getting $249.95 each, for new condition, numbers matching. That is, unless you buy 2 or more, then you get a measly $5 bucks off each. for unissued, numbers matching. But you have to have an 03/01 FFL to but them. See this link here.
    Welcome to Samco Global Arms, Inc.

    So SKSs are out there. Check out Maybe that's what you can get if/when you get your stimulus check? For your always kind words, I hope you do A.H.

    And for all you Mosin people out there, why are these guys so flipping high on this one? $279.95? OUCH!
    Welcome to Samco Global Arms, Inc.

    Samco has a lot on nice looking rifles, in A1 condition. But they about the most expensive I ever did see. lol
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    I have a romainan stock I am looking for a old beater that will fit in it I have a yugo and its in great shape and a chinese I have found that most of the dealers are way over priced on there yugo's but it looks like thats about all that is available thro the dealers
  17. Yep. The Yugos are for the time being, ABUNDANT. lol
  18. Pictures-Pictures-Pictures!!!

    Ok my friends, here's a few pictures as promised. I took it a part and cleaned the stock with some Murphy's wood soap and it cleaned up really nice. Was a tad bit dirty. The cheese cloth was filthy when all done.

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    Very nice. I want one:D
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    Very nice rifle glock I like the shorter bayo on those!