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Have a 1958 Romy SKS I wish to accessorize with proper Romanian items. I am looking for the following if anyone can help:

Proper Romanian SKS sling.
Romanian Ammo Pouch
Romanian Oiler and Pouch
Romanian SKS cleaning rod for under the barrel.
Romanian SKS butt style cleaning kit.

Regarding the oiler pouch and butt style cleaning kit, can anyone tell me if Romania produced their own pouch and kit or used ones from some other country? I have asked several people on this subject and no one knew for sure. Cant find any internet information on the topic either.

What is the proper Romanian oiler? Round or rectangle metal with B/U, S/U, or U/S stamped on it? Been told any of the 4 are correct for the Romanian SKS and others said no one or two may be SKS and the others were Nagant style, then a rare few said the Romanians used all 4 for both the nagant and then the SKS when they switched rifles. Any help appreciated. :ugh:
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