Romanian Tokarev Holster Markings

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Tulamosin, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Tulamosin

    Tulamosin G&G Enthusiast

    Recently I got a Romanian TT33 of of Gunbroker along with a holster, cleaning rod, and two magazines.

    I was cleaning the leather holster today and I noticed three letters embossed on the outside of the flap.


    Does anyone know what these letters mean? Is it police, military, or something else? I did a google search and couldn't find anything.
  2. Tulamosin

    Tulamosin G&G Enthusiast

    I'll take that as a "no"

    Well it was worth a shot.

  3. gandog56

    gandog56 G&G Evangelist

    Old Sorry Pistol?
    Obviously Superior pistol?

    Maybe it depends on your viewpoint!:09:

    I have no idea.
  4. just_a_car

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    Best I can find, Tulamosin, is this Romanian postage stamp on eBay that has an "OSP" shield on it:

    You can click the picture to see the auction, but there's not much information.

    Perhaps it was Romanian Postal Service?... *shrug* :dunno:
  5. Tulamosin

    Tulamosin G&G Enthusiast


    You could be right about it being used by the postal service; certainly is strange to think about a postal worker being allowed to carry a weapon though.

    I'll go with Obviously Superior Pistol :)

    Thanks guys
  6. just_a_car

    just_a_car G&G Enthusiast

    Tulamosin, I wouldn't be surprised if it was carried by a postal worker. You have to remember, these came out of Soviet-controlled Romania and positions like the postal service were likely held by communist party members.

    Honestly, with the value of some of the stuff we send through the mail, I'm surprised our postal officials don't carry while delivering or transporting mail.