Romanians the Hispanics of Europe?

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    So now it's just "Hispanics" in general, not just illegal Mexican immigrants? That didn't take long.

  3. Well,

    please do not classify Romanians in total as gypsies.

    I have a friend who is a teacher and her husband is a veterinarian. They live in Cluj which is north of Burcharest.

    My friend and her husband are working with others to build a new Romania
    based upon freedom, prosperity, and responsibility.

    They are saddened and appalled by the current government's handouts and other encouragements to certain groups allowing them to expand their
    criminal lifestyles.

    The people to whom you refer move from Romania to Hungary and back and forth depending on police scrutiny, criminal sentences, welfare opportunities, etc.
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    yesterday I got a e mail from a good friend in Hungary. he was ranting about the Gypsies and how they had poisioned his dog. Gypsies are a bunch of thieves. the only reason those Gypsies in that article got on those planes was to get the money. they will be back to France real soon to get more money and a plane ride.
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    I myself am not classifying all Romanians as gypsies the writer of the article is. I just posted the link because it reminded me of our own imigration problem of people trying to escape a country in ruins by crossing into another country illegally.