Rosie O a change of heart?

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    This is long. A partial transcipt from the Orielly factor last night. Rosie has a second thought.

    (begin after Gay adoption topic)

    O'DONNELL: ... one thing. Anything you're going to talk to me about guns, I want to say it's after Columbine. Children were killed, and I am a mother, and I was devastated by that fact. That's number one. And I'm not excusing my behavior, and I stand by what I said, although some of my comments in retrospect seem a little outlandish.

    Like the day after Columbine, when I said, Anyone who has a gun should go to jail. I was afraid that children were being killed every day.

    O'REILLY: So you would take that back.

    O'DONNELL: Yes. It was the day after Columbine...

    O'REILLY: Right.

    O'DONNELL: ... and I was watching these children be pulled out of windows with their bloody bodies, and...

    O'REILLY: You reacted emotionally.

    O'DONNELL: Well, emotionally. And you know what else, Bill? I also have some issues with depression in my life, and feeling as though sometimes the bad guys are in control.

    O'REILLY: OK, so you weren't at your, the top of your game there.

    O'DONNELL: No, I wasn't.


    O'DONNELL: But I do think that the passion with which I spoke about why we shouldn't have these instruments that kill so many kids around so readily. I still stand by that.

    O'REILLY: OK. No one wants children to have access to guns...

    O'DONNELL: Right.

    O'REILLY: ... and no one wants dead children.

    O'DONNELL: Right.

    O'REILLY: But the point of the matter is that when people like you speak out, it makes headlines...

    O'DONNELL: Correct.

    O'REILLY: ... (UNINTELLIGIBLE) — but my point (UNINTELLIGIBLE) is that you, Barbara Streisand, and a lot of the celebrities who come off very judgmental. You have bodyguards, right?

    O'DONNELL: Do I have a bodyguard?

    O'REILLY: You have bodyguards.

    O'DONNELL: Yes, I do.

    O'REILLY: Because you need them.

    O'DONNELL: You.

    O'REILLY: You're controversial, OK?

    O'DONNELL: Yes.

    O'REILLY: They pack. And they...

    O'DONNELL: They have guns.

    O'REILLY: To protect you and your family.

    O'DONNELL: Yes. O'REILLY: You have to give that same right to other people.

    O'DONNELL: But I never said, I said I want all guns licensed and registered — except for the day after Columbine, when I said nobody should have a gun.

    O'REILLY: Right.

    O'DONNELL: Because I was hysterical, crying and trying to do a show. And be funny. And I was emotional, and that's what I said.


    O'DONNELL: But do I think that celebrities shoot their mouths off too much? Yes. (transcript continues to 9/11)

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    Now my thoughts.

    I do not know if I trust her on this issue. It would seem that with all of her money; opprtunity and influence in the media she could have made this statement at anytime after she got over her grieving of the Columbine incident (as she stated was her reason for those remarks). She aslo agreed that her status gives her statements more weight.
    Now why wait over 2 years later and only when you go on a conservative news show to clarify your statement. For god sakes she has her own show. Do you not think it would make headlines if she said on her show she made a mistake about gun ownership? Instead I think we will hear very little of it. I wait to see what the news agencies say about this.
    I hear she has trashed Klinton in the interview. I am going to go back to see if I can find it.

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    well at least this fraud has spoken out, but you won't catch these quotes anywhere else, will you???? funny how the rich and powerful, entertainers and the liberal democraps use the bodyguard so they won't have to soil themselfs doing what the average man has to go threough the hoops for. if you or your wife were being attacked do you thing rosie o'whole would send out her body guards to help??? i think NOT!!!
  4. Uncle Red

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    It's still that Socialistic/Democratic Party Line way of thinking. "I just want to do what I want to do and let someone else take care of me" Let the government take care of us all from "Cradle to Grave'. I am sick to death of hearing about Rose and all these other "Entertainment Personalities" who spout their socialistic mantra and think that the rest of us must comply with their wishes for their utopian society because they are better, and know better, than the average Joe. Man if I keep this up I'll need to change my name to "Rave Jr." Said, "toung-in-cheek" with the utmost respect Rave. -UR.
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    Ok Ms. Piggy had a change of hart...yippie..lets all go to K-mart and shop...NOT.
    If she is serious then get C. Hesten on her show and present him with a check for say 1 mil to the NRA...get a CCW and run that mouth of her's about the evils of gun CONTROL for 6 months and Ill believe her.
    Talk Is cheep...put up or shut up.
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    Been there, seen it, got the tea shirt..... Bla bla bla......

    I don't care for what she ever said, and last night will change like a new born breeze....Bla bla bla

    If she is lucky see saw the writing on the wall, but don't ask me to prove it....

    I wouldn't care if she became the #1 defender of the Constitution, at this point, because I would not believe that her "Heart" was in it.... a padded pocket I would believe, but there ain't a 1 of em that I would take the handshake to the bank on...... Mac
  7. WillyZ

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    Her blaming that guns KILL is like blaming spoons for her being so dam FAT.
  8. Tober

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    I think everyone shares my views when it comes to this, she sure did change her story last night, and as far as registeration of firearms goes....HAHAHAHA, sure she can even register my gun, when she pries it from my cold dead fingers
  9. Dennis

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    Well guy's I have been mad at that woman for a long time for what she has said. she seemed honest and brave to go on Orielley and say what she said, against her handlers advise
    The woman has balls to do that( but then she is a lesbian.)
    I felt she was genuine in what she talked about. It wasn't just gun issues. It was about Gay adoption. she admitted that straight couples should adopt and would make better parents than Gay couples would. she also said that gay's should be able to adopt in Florida and that though Gay couples where not Ideal that That was better for a child than being a ward of the state.
    Personally I dont Like Lesbian women
    I dont like lesbian attitude towards men they make the Gestapo seem rather reasonable.
    Of course I only have my own Direct experience to go on concerning this issue.
    I have seen so much hatred for men directed at men by lesbian Women (ESPECIALLY LESBIAN POLICE OFFICERS) where this hatred comes from I dont know.
    I didn't pick up on any from Ms. O Donnell
    It was refreshing
    If the "movement " took this attitude they might get somewhere
    Rosie talked about Ellen Degeneres and how she (Ellen) had scutteled her carrer in show business due to her one sided (lesbian) point of view.
    It seemed that Being Lesbian was not her focus, being a adoptive parent was.
    I have to commend her for her bravery
    She went into the lions den "so to speak" and was able to remain poised and truthful and real.
    I just can't continue to be mad at her. I still dont like her Politics or her sexual orientation But I cant deney that that woman showed sterling charcter by and in her interview
    So seldom in the Media do you ever see this in anyone.
    I know that there are going to be a lot of people that will resent her for "blowing the wind out of their sails"
    Sorry, It would not be credible for me to not acnowledge what just happend on Fox last night.
    The liberals Blinked. We Have Won the arguments we have been makeing. The whole "liberal" movement will likeley turn on Ms ODonnell now and try to rip her to shredds. her friends. her hollywood pals, this was a brave thing she did.
    I hate to say it but I was proud of her.
    I know I couldn't do what she did
    Could you? It is easy to talk about but to do it.
    Its hard when someone you hate does something you admire
  10. Mac_Muz

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    Dennis, I would agree with many statements you made, but prefer to let time be the telling factor... Sure she seemed reasonable, and for the first time. maybe she was taking drugs to aid the responce, or knew what the script was. Even Bill was different from his normal self.....
    Since I ain't goin anywhers to far... I ain't leavin the planet that I know just yet... I will wait and see what she has to say in the first place, and I will pad what she says with doubt..

    Most celeb's do what they think is good for the pocket, and or image..... If she thinks going on a tv pheasant hunt will imporve her image, she will do it! Klinton did that very thing...he stepped out from behind the bushes with a shotgun and holding a couple of dead ducks. He was wear loafers and blue jeans and a blue shirt..... I ain't neva seen no duck hunter look like that before!

    Right about that time Klinton said " Duck hunters will still be able to hunt ducks with the same old rifles they always hunted ducks with."

    I was so happy to learn that I could use my 30-30 to hunt ducks with at that point I almost puked! You see I hunt the Geart nor' Eastern Patridge with with my 30-30, and to bet more uses like hunting ****s with my 30-30 was just marvy!!!! So since then I been huntin ducks with my 30-30, as before i thought it was illegal....... Mac
  11. Big Dog

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    She's still a dedicated "anti", as is Sarah Brady. A little apparent softening on a conservative show doesn't change things. She knew she had a hostile audience, and was trying to play the sympathy card. She's still very much the enemy. She'll take your gun, even if she is smiling at the time.
  12. Jesse

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    I just remember the verbal barrage she laid on Tom Selleck after the Columbine attacks. Selleck was on her show to promote his new movie and she all but blamed him for being the cause of the attacks. She is a very sad and misguided woman... imagine what her kids will be like being raised in a lesbian household by an angry feminist like herself. She spews venom when angry and if she'll do it in public, imagine what she will do in private. I pray for her and her children.

  13. Dennis

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    You guys are probably right
  14. Rave

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    Now this is a very interesting thread! I don't think it matters if she is lying or not,she has,by making those statements,done erreparable damage to herself and to the anti-gun cause!
    I don't know why she did it,I really would like to know the truth on that one,but I'm glad she did.
    As to wether she(it) had a change of heart or not,like others on this thread before me have said,"time will tell,"and that is my feeling too.
    i hope someone keeps on top of this,and I also hope it snowballs,perhaps even into an avalanche!:D :D :D :D
  15. Oxford

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    Rosie has been speaking out of both sides of her mouth. She'll say whatever she thinks will get her a bigger audience. I don't trust her.

  16. PAPA G

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    come'on oxford don't insult my intelligence about rosie!!!:mad: how can she speak out of both sides of her mouth??? the spoons get in the way!!!!!!:D :D :D
  17. Oxford

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    Ok Papa G: Speaking of intelligence...why do people who suddenly fall into lots of money think they're more intelligent with their newfound wealth?

    Also, Since Rosie's got two spoons in her mouth, does that mean she's elgible to speak with a forked tongue? Guess she's working on a complete set of table service.

    Just wondering?

  18. Calvin

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    Here are two questions about Rosie;
    First, why did she ambush Tom Selleck the way she did? She was pretty animate THEN about all guns being outlawed. So, why the sudden change of heart? I can tell you why: H-Y-P-O-C-R-O-S-Y. After it became known that she wanted bodyguards to protect her kids (because they are at a higher risk than ours for being kidnapped), she was buried alive with letters from people who USED to be her fans. They were irrate that she could put herself, and her kids, over everyone elses' kids in that respect.
    Second, before the Tom Selleck fiasco, why was she telling women to hide their husbands' guns so he could never find them? My thinking is that she's lost her luster, and with K-Mart going under, she is now realizing (as did Al Gore) that gun control is not the majority. Only now does she realize that even though she has money and some power, there's too many of us to fight. Combined, we could all buy her out. And, let's not forget that Susan Sarandon, Alec Baldwin, and Barbara Streisand were going to leave the U.S. if Bush was elected. Rosie rubs elbows with these cretins, and she's distancing herself from them. More women than ever before are buying guns for protection now, and some of those women bought into Rosies' anti-gun attitude until 9-11. Now, she realizes, but it's too late for her. She better hope she never needs a gun herself if a gay-basher catches her without her bodyguards.........
  19. Big Dog

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    The problem with paid bodyguards is, how many would be willing to take a bullet for Rosie? A husband/father will do anything to protect his wife and kids, ditto the wife/mother. Does Rosie really expect that kind of loyalty? She better hope she never has to find out.
  20. PAPA G

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    rosie aside (shes all side), remember tom selleck had the guts to give that bimbo no quarter!! stood his ground like a man!!! rather than like some of those hollywood males(?)!! i wish i had that segement on tape.