Rosie's Drug Battle

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    This just fits this form beter than the main one...this came from the National Enquire so Im sure its true...


    TROUBLED ROSIE'S battle with depression has left her reeling -- and on the brink of a breakdown.
    Rosie O'Donnell is reeling from a terrifying drug nightmare that left her depressed, weeping and teetering on the brink of a complete breakdown.

    The star -- who's been taking antidepressant drugs for the past three years -- has spent days in bed, refusing to talk to anyone, sleeping through the day, watching TV and eating junk food.

    The issue that goes on sale Friday also reveals how a doctor's intervention is helping Rosie bounce back, how she's wreaking havoc at her magazine Rosie … and much more.

    Published on: August 2, 2002

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    Awww, thats too bad! What she needs is some diet pills and a case of ex-lax!

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    Geez, you'd think the only drugs Rosie ever battled w/ would be Phen Fen! :joker:

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    Substance abuse for anyone is not funny. Also think of how this is affecting her children. Which brings me to another point, who is raisning her kids while she is in bed during this time? If you have a nanny does social service look the other way when you are unfit to be a parent?

    Let's here it Doglips, aren't you the expert on Social work?
  5. Eric

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    I agree, it's a terrible thing. But so help me, that information did nothing but make feel better. To me, Rosie has turned into the Hanoi Jane of the 21st century.
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    $$ is power and POWER dont get messed with...only won 1 case aginst people with big $$ and only then because the scum got convicted of being a pedafile. The offical line would probly be that she has made approprate arrangements for alternative care... Course her attornies would woop up on some state appointed ding bat atty.
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    I really feel bad about this news.