Rossi Rossi 351 2" 38cal broke firing pin

Discussion in 'Rossi' started by LarBar, Sep 21, 2010.

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    I see that the assembly is held with rivet or modded roll pin.
    Wonder if any of you have replaced firing pin
    on the rossi revolver?

    Looks like an easy fix.
    Any advise is appreciated.

  2. LarBar

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    Update on Rossi broke firing pin.
    Received new parts from Rossi(firing pin/rivit .
    I carefully matched old to new first time and noticed old
    looked like bench ground to fit on the bottom end radius
    to fit the slot in hammer. I matched new to old and discovered
    an oversize amount of stock on new. I proceeded to fit new on hammer
    with new pin only to test drive(without setting) and found new firing pin
    wasn't close to going home thru the frame to strike pimer.
    Carefully match old with new and begin removing material and test
    drive as I go with my dremel. Once I got close enough I used sandpaper
    for the final fit.
    For the cheap rivit Rossi installs-----
    The original rivit install was peened over on one side of the hammer
    and left a bit short on the other. Not my idea of craftsmanship!
    After setting the firing pin with the small return spring and rivet in hammer,
    my mind got to thinkin on how to set all in place.
    I ground two carbide pins at 50deg and set-up my press to smack
    the rivet from both sides. I also flipped the gun and hit from the other side.
    Oh, why didnt I take the whole assembly out to do the work you ask?

    Im not a gunsmith Hope all you Rossi fans have better luck than I
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