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    i was just wondering what do you all think of the rossi 357 leveraction is it a good rifle and what foot per second dose this bullets do.
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    I like them. My dad got one back in the late 70's, and we have shot it alot since then. Not sure of the velocities but we always used our handgun loads in it. Lots of fun to take the handguns out and shoot till they started getting warm and then set them down and grab the rifle and just keep right on going.

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    I picked one up several months ago. I love it! As far as velocity, you will see a bit faster typically from a rifle or carbine. It will shoot .38's, but seems to cycle the 357's better.

    Shooting mine :)

  4. You asked about velocity, check a reloading manual that lists data for the .357 from a lever action, the .357 does very well out of longer barrels. If memory serves, I believe a 158 grain bullet can get a bit better than 1800 fps or so, don't have a manual handy. Lighter bullets get considerably more.
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    ive had my model 92 since 1995 and it is one of my favorite guns that i have. shoots great,not to huge to be handled in a vehicle,beautiful wood,tough as the day is long. never miss fired or jammed in anyway. the only bad thing is finding parts! i needed a new extractor a few years ago and searched and searched to no avail. i finally ended up making one myself for it.
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  7. I am thinking this is the leveraction I am going to go with...........any clues where I should buy one or if you need to find a happy home for one
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    I just bought one of the Model 92's in .357 mag. Haven't fired it yet but it sure looks nice. I have mixed feelings about the medallion on the left side, but overall I really like this one. It's an earlier Interarms model. If anyone has any information about these, I'd sure like to hear about it.
  9. patrick! where in the world did you find one? we are both in ohio and I cant find one anywhere in person!
  10. Jerry,
    Do a lil polishing to your feed ramp, smoothout a few rough edges on the other intrernal parts, and a lil trigger work that gun will really come alive I figure around a 200FPS gain when shooting 38's outa the carbine. Make sure to size your 357 rounds right. Carfull using softer castloads without gas checks. I've been messing with 38's with a few diffrent powders including redot, greendot, WSF, Clays, Longshot, H38, and H110. I'm really wanting to work on the long shot loads they are +P require very lil powder and the powder is slower burning. The H110 uses more powder and I like to save it for my 30 carbine and 357 loads. Its hard to find round here as of late as well. It also seems to like the heavier loads, I ussualy shoot the 158gr RNSP cast and 158 or 180 grain Hornady JHP/XTP with H110. The 180 grain loads pack alot more punch than anything I'll ever need it for. remeber stay away from wadcutters and semi wad cutters they will mot feed. Rossi is a great gun for the money check out the price on the new ones ouch!
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    Thanks Morgan. Yes the prices spiked big time.
  12. I've got an Interarms in 44-40. Fantastic gun. A little rough out of the box but slicked up nice. What medallion?
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    I posted a "looking for" message on the Ohioans For Concealed Carry sale forum, had the little carbine in my hand 3 days later. It's an early one I think, Interarms, Alexandria Virginia. Has the metal follower. Bore is pristine. Overall the gun is very clean, a few dents and dings in the shoulder stock. Came with a really nice leather scabbard.

    Here's a photo:


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    I had a new ss 357 16" last year. It was stiff, and would have trouble feeding some rounds; but it smoothed out with use. Had to sell it; wish I'd kept it. Was a beautiful little carbine.
  16. chesterwin

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    Great little carbine!!! My .357 "Puma" found a nest among my Winchester 92's, 94's and lonesome 86.
  17. blat

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    See my post 2nd one up from here. I got another ss 357 16" M92, imported by LSI; that is a SWEET piece of ordinance. Much smoother than my first one, accurate, and so on. I see that LSI is no longer handling Rossi; Rossi themselves are marketing the 92 now. LSI is selling an Italian made lever gun.
    I use several different loads in mine; the medium to heavy bullets are best at carbine velocities. I keep Silvertips, Fusions and 38 "FBI" loads in my butt cuff on mine; thats 145 gr, 158 gr and 158 gr respectively.
    Federal says the Fusion is an excellent deer load. I'm also going to try and see if the 180- 200 gr loads will feed and chamber in mine.
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    Been interested in a .357 carbine myself. Just picked up a .357 Mag Colt Trooper Mk. III, now I was hoping to pick up one of these .357 Mag Carbines. I think it would be a nice addition. Wouldn't mind taking it hunting in the brush out here in western WA.
  19. Dan22

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    I've lusted after the Browning .357 copy of a Winchester model-92 for years.

    Winchester also offered a .357 Lever some time ago.
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    Colonel you should get one of these if you have the chance.I have one in .357 mag and it is nice . Come to Texas and you can take it out to the range and try it out.I liked it so much I went back and ordered one in 44mag. Now I don't know wich one to shoot .Most of the ammo I use are handloads .The .357mag is a good one to go subsonic with if you like that .I have been working on faster loads with 165gr.bullets myself.