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Yes, I own one.. No I wasn't sniffing glue when I bought it, could be 15 years ago.

It was CHEAP. I doubt you could trade it on a Kimber Caprivi now as locally they considered worthless. But, it worked. Originally it had a Nikko Stirling 3.5 to 9 or 10 on it. Funny, I have 2 of those scopes, 1 is sort of okay the other is junk.

Anyway, starting out it was a struggle. Factory ammo kicked liked 415 volts, it's a break action gun, who saw that coming with a .308 in the chamber? Eventually I handloaded it to an acceptable level but you had to go to the range on the coldest day of the year, fire a shot and maybe have a sandwich. fire another and visit the Gents.. Otherwise it'd shotgun pattern.

I pretty much ignored it after a while. I'm stubborn so at times I'd get it out and try to do something with it, to no avail really. My .223 Zastava was the darling and frankly did everything I wanted. Bit lacking on pigs though. But, with anything, if I couldn't hit it in the head it wasn't a viable shot basically.

I got given a Japanese 4X scope, it's ancient but surprisingly clear. It's on my 22 now but back then I plopped it on the Rossi, went out the range and got it shooting minute of man hole cover at 100 and called it good.

Next trip out west the usual hunting car wasn't available. The owner had realized Mazda 1300 station wagons ( which is basically an R100 wagon ) are worth a fortune so he towed it home.

I was using a 1968 Holden station wagon that had no front fenders, no rear doors, zero brakes ( NONE ). To complicate matters it had a 2.78 rear axle. I was rolling along in 2nd gear and saw a set of whoops that'd have put me through the roof. I screamed like a women and nearly soiled myself. Regrouping quickly, I double clutched it back down into the non synchro 1st and turned left, hoping this would slow me up.

It did, but my .223 flew out the rear door opening. Which was a graphic thing to see. It wasn't damaged but the scope was point of impact in another zip code. Nothing for it, break out the Rossi!

The 4X scope made this thing. No longer facing a bowel loosening fear of the scope hitting my eye brow like a wad punch and the quick target acquisition the 4X allowed the unpredictable Brazilian to prove it's worth.

Fast forward to NOW>>

It's fitted with, wait for it, a 1.5 - 5X Leupold VXIII illuminated reticle scope. Which is several kinds of AWESOME and literally a 10 dollar saddle on a 2 dollar horse.

Using a bidnez card I found the barrel not touching the fore end grip all the way to the screw but grounding solidly there after. But of a sand, a home made boss out some washers with some finessing.

She dun touch no where. :) This has to help.

If, IF! I can get this thing to shoot 3 into an inch at 100 I guarantee there will be no corner of the internet that won't read about it.

But I realize that my 50 lovingly constructed .308 handloads that worked so well in my 308 Savage are going to be probably pretty marginal in the Rossi. The Savage had the longest barrel I've ever seen and this no doubt helped the stabilize the 168 grain pills I liked, 23 inches of Rossi barrel?

Eh not so much. We'll see..

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