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Discussion in 'Rossi' started by oneastrix, May 22, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    Anybody know anything about those Rossi Carbine Pump .22lr's? I would like my son to have one. I see them at gun shows and such for under $200...
  2. guffster

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    my dad has one, a pretty decent & affordable copy of the Browning; he's never had any problem with it.

  3. panhandler

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    Are we talking about the "gallery gun"? A pump-action that breaks down by removing a screw? If so they're great rifles and come in lots of materials and configurations.

    I bought one for my oldest son. For my youngest son, I bought a Chipmunk. This is a severely scaled down bolt action single shot. It's made by Rogue Rifle.

    Rossi also makes a .22 and .410 single shot combo that sells for about $150.00.

    I hope I helped!
  4. panhandler

    panhandler Guest

    Oh! I forgot to mention that the "gallery gun" is a copy of an old Winchester, not a Browning.
  5. oneastrix

    oneastrix G&G Newbie

    I think it's the gallery gun. I'm pretty sure at least. Just looked like a good gun for a young buck to learn on......Thanks. I'll pick one up and let ya know how it goes....
  6. dave375hh

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    They are a repro of the Win Mod 62 and are called gallery guns because the originals were often used in shooting gallerys. I've got one in stainless and the only problen I've had is that it seems to want to be pumped vigerously or it dosen't always feed. The gun is fairly new yet so this may rectify itself with use. Taurus now owns this models rights and Rossi as they bought them out reciently. Fun gun !

  7. Logansdad

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    I have a stainless .22 magnum Taurus...Rossi is now a division of Taurus...I always thought Rossi was unjustly underrated
  8. panhandler

    panhandler Guest

    Rossi does have problems with fit and finish on some of their rifles. I have one, and know.

    Also, my fine-shooting gallery gun came from the factory not even close to being sighted in. It shoots accurately now, but the rear sight had to be adjusted visibaly off-center to the left. Maybe an off center bore.

    Hey! they shoot fine but some folks may have problems with the way they arrive from the factory. I would not accept these deficiencies on a more expensive make.
  9. Mort

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    I have two of em tha gave me fits for a while.Then I got brave and learned how to dis-assemble em and REALLY clean em up.Swabbed out the magazine tube,brushed the bolt face,got ALL the crud out.Now they function great.
    If only they hadn't added that dumb looking safety on top of the bolt!!
    They are decent for the money though.
  10. panhandler

    panhandler Guest

    So, you have the new model. Does it have a key? A buddy of mine has one that I think, has a key. Anyway, the hammer will fall and everything, but it won't shoot! Takes some getting used to.

    Happy shooting!
  11. Dan22

    Dan22 G&G Evangelist

    I bought one of those Rossi model 59 pump .22 (Winchester model 62 copy) back in the 90's. Mine does not have any safety on top so that must be something new.

    I took it out shooting only once but I love the feel and finish. There was a magazine article at that time that said they would misfire now and then if the action wasn't snapped shut. Mine did misfire now and then but most of the time it worked fine. Supposedly, they will break in and work flawlessly in time.

    The gun looks just like a Winchester model 62 and seems to balance perfectly in a one hand carry. It really feels comfortable should you be on the move.
  12. toolman

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    I believe Henry makes one as well that is supposed to be a bit better quality.
  13. i never had a misfire or jam in my rossi pump. brownells has a lot of replacement sights to fit them and they carry the taurus folding tang sight, which i plan on buying soon.
  14. Dan22

    Dan22 G&G Evangelist


    Just curious, is your Rossi an early model like mine or does it have the safety feature they mentioned?
  15. LeoPFlood

    LeoPFlood Guest

    Rossi Pump 22Mag; I have one


    I have a Rossie Pump 22Mag Model M-59. It is in very good condition, but the Magizine was lost during our move. What are you willing to pay for it? My son has out grown it.

    Leo P. Flood, Jr.
  16. rfc357

    rfc357 Guest

    I have one. Lots of fun, not very accurate, can be had for well under $150 used if you look around.

    If I were teaching a young person to shoot (and as a rifle instructor for over 30 years I have done a lot of this) I would use something more accurate, with a better trigger. I'm partial to older Remington bolt guns (the ones made of steel and wood).

    Just my opinion.
  17. My brother inlaw has a Rossi and he's killed a truck bed load of squirrels with his with nara a problem...A.H
  18. 30dc30

    30dc30 Guest

    A Kid I Know Has aRossi. Good gun. Accurate, fast,good-looking too. Must be 40 years old, but you wouldnt know it if you saw it.
  19. i have a rossi 22 -pump rifle never had a malfuction i bought it in thr 80's if you hold the trigger down it fires every time you pump it (cycle the action) gonna get some hi viz sights for it soon
  20. I have 2 one in 22 LR and one3 in 22 Mag love both you CANNOT go wrong!