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    Renegade unmanned drone wandered skies near nation’s capital - Yahoo! News

    This line from the story really got my attention.

    " According to the Los Angeles Times, drones in [COLOR=#366388 !important][COLOR=#366388 !important]Iraq [COLOR=#366388 !important]and [/COLOR][COLOR=#366388 !important]Afghanistan[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] have an uncommonly high failure rate, with at least 79 accidents so far at an average cost of $1 million per incident."

    Then again, how many sorties have they flown? Still, a million dollars a pop. Wow. Still cheaper than an airplane with a pilot.
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    I don't know; they might be better off using Warthogs for this sort of thing. There's no substitute for the human brain, and the Warthog is a very reliable airplane.

  3. Huey Rider

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    A-10 Lightning II aka WartHawg

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    A-10's would do the trick alright
  5. Well,

    it doesn't totally relate to your post but one must realize a drone is an electronic device subject to failures. Sometimes these failures are due to problems on our end and in the future may be due to problems caused by a sophisticated opponent.
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    thats Thunderbolt not Lightning HR.

    A10 Thunderbolt II was so named to honor the famously tough P-47 of WWII, both made by the same company.
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    It's all bada$$.... I want one.
  8. I've heard on the news were haveing a high rate of success with the drones. Because of them weve managed to take out some key muslim terrorist heads.

    I would like to see the Warthogs used on our southern border's. A short burst of there gatlin guns might make an illegal think twice before comeing here LOL
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    You're right, don't know what I was thinking(brain spasm), thanx.

    Tha Air Guard here has a squadron of them stationed at the base by my house and they're constantly flying overhead along with other assorted aircraft & helos.