Ruer Mini 14, Mini 30....preference?

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    I've been woking on my inquiry on these items and looked at the rest of the market too in terms of center fire semi auto rifles. But I've narrowed my search to these two. Any "owners" out there?
    What do you think? Happy or not? Reasons?

    Not gettin' into comparison of more exotic piece$. so I'd rather not go that way. I am truely interested in feedback on these two.

    Thanks for reading this. Any feedback is appreciated., especially that accompanied by objectivity and " hands on" knowledge. not attidues.

    Thanks for reading this,


    Wanna thank all you guys fer the input. Havin' a little trouble responding in a proper manner (private message) 'cuase I'm kinda ignorant about the process here. Want to change my profile so's I can respond to some of you individually. Any help about changing my profile to enable this "private message" thing....well it'd be appreciated.
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