Ruger 10/22 Range Trip Results!

Discussion in 'New Shooters' started by likeaboss, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. likeaboss

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    Well, took the Ruger out to the range again and was a bit more careful to document the results this time! [ame=]YouTube - Ruger 10/22 Range Trip: Day 2[/ame] Thanks in advance for all the helpful advice!
  2. grizcty

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    Looks like your enjoying it.
    And having have fun.

  3. samuel

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    You aren't going to get advice as much as catch he*l! NO SAFETY EQUIPMENT! Auto-loaders are famous for throwing burning powder in your face,and in your eyes if you don't wear protection.Both of you have no ear protection so I guess you'll wind up like me.Every time someone says something it's just automatic to say "eh,whats that you said"(or such really intelligent questions) You may not believe it but the men that know say a .22lr is plenty loud enough to do permanent hearing damage.I can't see that part but learn to keep both eyes open,save you time later learning to do it right.One thing I do see,you have that "free"hand holding the rifle.Just lay it off to the side.When using a rest,only have your shooting hand touching the rifle.It is more steady and you find it easier to come back to the same position for followup shots. Glad to see you having fun and learning the ins and outs of the shooting world.By the way,you seem exceptionally steady holding that rifle.That is a great sign. ,,,sam.
  4. Sober

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    ^ When You say to keep both eyes open do you mean to aim with both eyes open? This is a serious question as I have never done that before and I would like to know if I am aiming Improperly because I always close an eye when aiming and If Im not supposed to do that I would like to know. I've only been shooting for bout a year and a half now so I guess you could say I am still fairly inexperienced.
  5. both of my brothers-in-law shoot with both eyes open, they said thats how they taught them to shoot in the military, ones marine ones army.I have always closed my left eye.
  6. likeaboss

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    I had safety glasses on for most of my shooting, I just need to remember to put them back on after I swivel them up on my head!! lol. And We were both wearing ear protection, they were just in ears. Thanks for the advice sam!!
  7. Dutch

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    Yes, shoot with both eyes open. It will improve your shooting.
  8. samuel

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    Keeping both eyes open lets you see better.Look at something at a distance with both eyes and then close one eye and you will know what I mean.But the biggest advantage is when you spot game or see a target you can line up much faster with both eyes open ,,,[ame=]YouTube - Shooting: Both Eyes Open[/ame] ,,,sam.
  9. jerry

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    Looking good. You may be able to do couple of things to improve the groups a bit. Get a good rest if your going to shoot off the bench with one. The case your usiing is ok, may want to add some padding to it though.

    I'm not sure if you want the see through scope rings, if you lower the scope as close to the bore as practicle, it may help keep your head down a bit.

    Ammo, I think you already know he effect this can have. try a few different kinds.

    To ease the mag loading issue, mabe get a hand full of them and pre load them. You can also load them while taking a break.

    At 75-10 yards with the stock rifle, I wouldn't expect amazing groups. i'm happy with mine if I can hold it in the bull at 30 or so yards, good enough for a squirrel head.
  10. likeaboss

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    Thanks for the Reply Jerry! I'm definitely planning on changing out the scope mount as well as the scope at some point! As for using my camera case as a stand. The plan was to use the nice provided stand that is always around the range. That or the sandbag. Unfortunately some low life walked off with them, and the rangers say they aren't going to pick up new ones. ((Sigh)) Oh well, better get one of my own anyway. Also looking into picking up a couple of the Butler Creek 25rd mags that will help reduce the downtime for sure!