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:D Hey thar Cuzzin Jack!!
Yea them little Ruger carbines er as handy as a
pocket on a shirt.I had one of em in 22mag.when they furst come out wit em in '96.Stupidly traded her off a couple years later.
In thet thar caliber tho, it were too much gun fer
squrrels and such lessen ya popped em in thar
dinky lil noggins.
Sounds like ya got a purty mean handload a worked up fer yer new shootin iron. Aught ta be jest fine
fer them swamp porkers down yurin way.Hopes ya got
good luck a puttin sum bacon an sowbelly on yer
Did ya scope er,or are ye a usin that thar factory
rear sight?
Ya know cuz,a fine gentleman an scholar once gave me sum reel good advice.........Put one o them
Williams receiver peeps on the rear an a fiber optic bead on tha front o yer Ruger carbine.An
I don'ts need ta tel ye what that thar fiber optic bead shines like in dim light......we already been through that one.Keep yer powder dry cuz,an yer good eye on tha target.Later,yer ol cuzzin Mitch.

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Hey thar cuzzin Jack!:D
Thet idee of yurin bout thet Arkinsaw Toothpick
sounds like a goodin.
Course ya could jest do like us Mizzuri Mules do up in these here parts and jest carry the thing between yer pearly whites.Course in my neck o the woods it's kinna hard ta find a feller wit a full
set of teeth in his piehole.
Ya cuz,go wit the peep n fiber optic bead. Both
together cost me around 55 Samolians direct from
Williams iffn I recall.My recomendation would be to not get the .570 high front bead(thets the one I got)cause it sticks up kinna high offin the base
and would be reel easy ta bugger up iffn ya is clumsy like me.I'm double carefull with mine.Go with the .538 and ya still gots plenty of up n down adjustment with the rear peep.
As to tha question thet thar feller asked bout the
old model "new" 44 carbine,iffin it's got tha box n original papers wit it.......500.00 American easy.The full Manlicher stocked version...250.00 more.(I'm talkin bout one in excellent condition,
98% overall)The one I jest got a couple months ago,(no box er papers)is in 95% overall give er take a couple percent, a few slight dings in tha wood and no rust er oxidation on tha metal,was iffn I member
cost me 325.00 from a private feller at a gunshow.
He was askin 375.00.Cash money talks.
Here, cuzzins is a pic of it wit tha sling and Williams peep rear/F/O front or her.It ain't a close shot of her but ya might get tha idee.
She's handy as all get out and ya could jest bout
knock tha ol Brown Eye out of a goffer wit er at
75yds. er so.:p
Iffn ya gets tha chance get ya one. Only bound ta go up in value iffn ya takes good care of it.
Well cuzzins(specially ma favorite cuz Jack)bout time ta head home an feed the wife and screw the chickens...........Uh, wait, I think I gots that bassakwards.I'll get er figgered out sumhow, trial n error ya mite say.Anyway,keep yer powder dry cuzzins and yer one good eye on the sights.Later, yer ol cuzzin Mitch.:cool:


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:DHey thar cuzzin Jack!
Thankye mucho fer the compliment on the shootin iron.
Ma Kettle is a passin fair shot wit a long gun but cud
use some practice wit tha short uns.
Don't worry cuz,I went ta tha cabin last night after work and pondered my dilemma.............
Only took me a couple hours ta figger out wich
way it went............Them dang yardbirds is reel tuff ta ketch and they shore is stinky ta boot anywhich way!
So's I feed them and,..............well you got er figgerd out cuz, cause I knows you is from the brainy side o the famly tree.:p
Have a reel good w/e cuz and keep yer one good eye
on tha target.Later, yerol cuzzin Mitch. :cool:
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