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I've been putting it off for some time, but I now desperately need to replace some things on my Ruger M77 (standard) .204r varmint platform.

After about 40 rds through it, it can consistently print 3/4-1/2" groups all day long. But only after 40 rds can it do so. The barrel is so ridiculously overbored, after cleaning the rifle is more or less useless. I need to replace the barrel but have a few questions.

- I don't want a bull or target contour, I need a sporter contour which will allow use of the current wood stock. Will a match grade barrel, although of the sporter variaty, provide anywhere near the accuracy increase a heavy barrel would?

- What brand barrel should I look into? From reading around, it seems Krieger and Ilija are top choices.

- Think it is worth upping to a 1/10 twist in order to use 50grn Berger LTBs, or should I just stick with the 1/12 - 40grn LTBs? I do not know if the 50grn will offer much accuracy increase.

The factory trigger is creepy and heavy, breaking at or near 9lbs. I would like to replace it with a Timney 1.5-4lb trigger, but am not sure if that trigger would require gunsmithing. Is it a factory drop in?

That's all for now. Thanks for all the help,
Mr Pillow
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