Ruger Bisley (my new favorite wheelgun) or Any 45 long colt fans out here?

Discussion in 'Ruger' started by styckk, Aug 19, 2002.

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    Just got Ruger Bisley in 45 longcolt and my search for perfect hunting revolver is over. I have had 44 magnums in S&W, Ruger Blackhawks , even had 41 magnum that I liked. The Smith was worn out after a year, the Redhawk was very nice, regular blackhawk grips were too small for my hands. BUT, the Bisley with its (are they called plowhandle?) grips are just right for me. Today I tested some loads and off the bench with iron sights I got some 2" groups at 50 yrds. I have read conflicting reports that the 45lc can or cannot be "magnumized" but the results I have been getting has made believer of me. Any other 45 long colt fans out there?
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    I also am a fan of the 45 colt firearms:D

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  3. 45 Long Colt--great thumper. What I don't understand is when you find a good caliber why mess with it? Just about any caliber is accurate if each one is loaded equally.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Nice guns maddon! :target:
  5. In my book you sure as h e double toothpicks can't go wrong with ANY Ruger wheel gun...fer sure...yepper.

    I'm not fond of the strange grips....they feel strange to me but, I'm sure, with use and practice they might feel more comfortable.

    Congrats and good luck with da gun!
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    You got yourself nearly the perfect gun there. And it it suprising how fast you can push a 45 cal bullet out the barrel. On the other hand it is also suprising when they blow up. So be carefull. I'm sure you will be.

    The "plow handle" is in reference to the normal grip. The Bisley is in reference to the target style grip. I prefer the Bisley, but some don't care for it at all. I suppose it depends on the size and shape of your hands.

    Good shooting to you. Ya got a great gun.
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    .45 colt


    You sure are fan of the .45 colt! What a great assortment of firearms ya got there. How does the Winchester lever action shoot? If you used it for hunting what is the maximum range and size game can it be utilized?

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    I do love that cartridge, I do have several other calibers but there is nothing like the 45 colt. As for the winchester rifle, the 45 cycles well and for what little shooting I've had the opportunity do do with it, I wouldn't be afraid to hunt deer at 200 yds with it.
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    Hello: if your going to magnumize the colt you may as well go with the 454 casull, Even though the RUGER could easly handel
    a hot rodded handload...
  10. styckk

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    Been thinking of just that! Next toy will be Ruger Super Blackhawk 454. I have shot many magnum loads in 44, 41 and 357 the .454 loads as brutal as I've heard? Any 454 Casull shooters out there?
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    Been toying with the idear of a Vaquero in 45lc for some time now...