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Ruger Gold Label

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Has anyone shouldered one of these? I've seen a couple mag articles on them, and the response seems to be good, but I was wondering what your opinion is? Also, what was the asking price when you saw it? TIA.


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Typical for Ruger to announce a new gun and then not have any in the stores for at least a year or more. The advertised price is $1995.00. Only in 12ga to start and too heavy according to what I've read(7.5lbs). I'm waiting for the Weatherby SxS's to show up, I called them and they expect to have them by Sept. I want a 28ga Orion model(6 1/4lbs $1099.00).

The American Rifleman had the best write up in the April or May issue.
The 28ga. is closer to the 20 than the .410. Target loads are 3/4 oz. and hunting loads are 1oz. But there is no 3" 28ga 2 3/4" only. Bore dia is .550, 20 is .615, and .410 is .410, a .410 would be a 67 1/2ga.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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