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Ruger M77 Pistol Grip Medallion

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How do you remove the medallion without damage, so you can get to pistol grip cap screw? Does it take a special tool? I don't want to damage plastic with the finish stripper I use on stock.
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Re: Grip cap

Most of the ones I have encountered are put on with something like RTV. Carefully try to go under the cap with a blunt thin object and try to lift it.
Thanks Mike,but your suggestion is not working so far, if I pry any harder I'm afread I'll bust the cap. This rifle is about 20yrs. old and the owners manual schematic shows a screw under the Ruger medallion that holds the grip cap on, but dosent say how to get to it. Maybe it can't be done w/o damage. Thanks anyway. Sixbyfive
I finally got it (and the cap) off my Ranch rifle (synthetic stock,) but it was difficult to say the least. The cap is held on with a screw, then the medalion pressed / glued on after that. To get to the screw, you will probably have to drill / destroy the medalion. You MIGHT get away with drilling a small hole near the edge of the medalion and then pry it off, but you'd be left with the hole. If you can stand to drill / break it off, I'm sure Ruger would sell you a new one. I know that this isn't much help, but I don't think you have many other choices.
Ruger pistol grip medallion

Thanks Paul C. I come to the conclusion I won't be able to save the original medallion, which was the whole intent. Win some , lose some. Learn by doing and asking. Located new one at Numrich Gun Parts. Going to experiment a little to see if I can still get it w/o much if any damage. Just the engineer in me I guess. we'll see how it goes.
Re: Grip cap

Sorry, meant to say to pry under the medallion, not the cap. If nothing else, Brownells has the grip cap w/medallion for a low price.
Ruger grip cap medalions

I own several m-77's and also do repair and refinishing work on them...The best way to remove the little white center with the black Ruger eagle is to use a sharp punch and pierce the white part,pry it out and order one from Ruger...... I think they're about $.50 each...You will save time and might even save the cost of a new grip cap, if you break it trying to save the centerpiece... just the way I've learned to do it..The little white piece is expendable.....
Ruger M77 Pistol Grip Medallion

Got it out with no damage. " used hairdryer set on low heat, sharpe thin blade X-acto knife and gently pried out" that was on my sons rifle. Now we'll try it on my brother-in-laws rifle, o-boy-o-boy"""""sweat-sweat. We will see what happens this time "by crackey" Thanks Fellers.
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