ruger mark III 22/45 combo?

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    im in the market for a new 22 pistol, i know that ruger is the way to go. but i have a couple of questions about a mark III be advertised in a newsletter from my local gunshop (vance's), first and most importantly is will the mark III eat any crap ammo i try and feed it or is it going to be picky like the sig masquito and the walther p22 and only eat the good stuff? second is what does 22/45 combo mean? it cant be that it can be converted to a 45can it? that would be very strange to me. anyway the one advertised is selling for $269 and comes with a green dot electonic sight. :feedback:
  2. I have no idea what a "combo" is, but the 22/45 is the Mark III with a polymer frame that mimics the grip angle of the 1911 (hence the 45). The standard Mark III's have a more angled grip similar to a Luger.

    I've owned a Mark II stainless bull barrel and currently have a Mark III Competition Target (never owned a 22/45 version). The Mark II was purchased used and ate any ammo I ran through it from match ammo to cheap bulk. The Mark III Competion target was purchased recently. It gave me problems with jamming (stovepipes), was sent back to Ruger, and has had 300 rounds through it since without a hiccup. I really love the Ruger pistols. If you can find a Mark II, get that instead. Most of the new features are pretty worthless and the magazine safety adds a couple of steps to assembly/disassembly.

    Lot's of people say they are an abosolute nightmare to take apart and put back together. They aren't nearly as bad as people make them out to be. Have someone who owns one, or the store you purchase it from, show you how to do it, then go home and do it yourself 4 or 5 times back to back and you'll be golden. The hammer has to be in a certain position to get the bolt in or out and the hammer strut has to be in the right position. See this video Ruger On-line Videos#
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    well after reading in the above post that the 45 in 22/45 means its designed after the 1911 then i think the combo must be the green-dot sight plus the gun itself = the combo. thanks for your comments punk!
    I would like to hear from more people though on weather it will eat the cheap bulk stuff though.
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    I have a mark I that will eat absolutely anything if that helps.
  5. A little clarification

    the 45 refers to a frame design inspired by the 1911 and 1911A1 Colt
    .45 auto pistols. The angle of the grip, the design of the grip, and the "hold", so to say, are reminiscent of the Colt and many shooters prefer this style. Note: the Ruger is a .22 long rifle and you cannot shoot a .45 ACP round in this gun.

    The Ruger will fire a wide variety of ammo yet any gun has a limit to
    what it will fire in terms of dirty, grease caked, or damaged ammo (sometimes the soft bullets of .22 rimfires do get deformed and this makes for feeding problems).

    The Ruger .22 autos are extremely popular. About the only valid complaint concerns the factory trigger for which a large aftermarket of services and parts exist to take care of this situation.

    Good luck and good shooting
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    well thanks to all of you i decided to buy the gun i was talking about above......but when i got there tosday they where out ofthe advertised combo on sale, so after looking at every 22lr in the store and talking to 3 diffrent salesmen i walked out with a used mkI for $140, in one of the salesmens words "this gun will eat any asortment for the crappyist ammo you can find!" and that is exactly what i wanted to hear so i bought it.
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    ok heres the update on my used mkI i just bought, went to shoot it today, it functioned perfectly! shot about 200 rounds without any sort of feeding problem, and that was with the cheap blazer bulk stuff. however the thing wasw soooo inacurate i could not beleave it! i had to have somone esle try it to make sure it was the gun and that i was not shaking like a leaf while fireing or something, it wouldnt hold a group worth crap. anyways i took it home and cleaned it out, and when i looked down the barrel at the rifleing i descoverd that it was almost nonexistent! there is practicly no rifleing left! so needless to say im taking it back. i have 30 days from the time i bought it to do so. mostly im just imbarest that i forgot to check the bore before buying it! the bore for god sakes! its practicly the most important thing to check! well i just thought id share.....leason learned!

    HARDERTR Guest

    If they'll give you a "rain check", the 22/45 would be worth the wait.

    I have the MK II 22/45 stainless bull barrel and LOVE IT! I have shot several other 22 pistols since I got the 22/45, but end up trying to compare them to the 22/45....and they don't stand a chance.

    I have big hands, so I opted for the 22/45. Everything about that pistol feels right to me. The ONLY ammo I ever had a problem with was some cheap hyper velocity truncated cone soft lead ammo. I can't remember who made it (I want to say remington, but can't remember).

    $270 for a NEW 22/45 is a good deal. If they'll hold one for you at that price, I would definetely wait.
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    well here is the lastest and hopfully last update on the ruger 22. i traded in the mk I, and got my self a new mkIII, went with the taditional grip rather than the 22/45 style just liked it better.havent shot it yet but have a question, how do you decock this thing?
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    New York
    I just bought a used Mark I and we're still getting acquainted; but one thing I can tell you is mine HATES hollowpoint ammo. It will fail to load, jamming against the feed ramp, at least twice in an 8-shot clip.

    I went to the Ruger website and downloaded the Mark I manual they have up there as a PDF. The manual specifically states that the Mark I is intended for 40 grain solid bullet, standard velocity ammo. I'm trying out various makes of .22 ammo to see what it likes best. So far, I've gotten the best performance with Aquila .22 SSS 60 grain solids! How's THAT for odd?
  11. No decocker on the Ruger MK pistols (unless you count pulling the trigger). I don't think any of the semi-auto .22's do, except for some of the DA/SA pistols like the Sig or Walther. Since there isn't an external hammer and they aren't double action, there would be no way to fire a chambered round if you were able to decock.
  12. I have the same thing in a blue finish. Great pistol except that it is like a Chinese puzzle to put back together. Still, it's a great shooter.
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    wow my new mkIII is freakin amazing, it just aims so naturaly its bullseye city! i love it this gun is great!
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    I have 2 ancient Mk.1 s. both bought used. (1 for $35. back in 1969, the other for $100 in 1990) both will eat any ammo I feed them but both prefer the Remignton gold hollow points.
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    The Mark III is a great gun. Listen to Troy and be careful about taking it apart, they are so hard to get back together...and I've taken apart a lot of guns.