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Ruger Mark III

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I'm looking to buy a Mark III that they have at a local gun shop. It's a Ruger Mark III, new in box, and has the bull barrel. (see link for a picture)

Anyways, this would be my first semi-auto .22, something I've always wanted. I'll be using it to plink and shoot at the occasional critter. They want $269, which seems like it won't break the bank too bad.

Does any one have any thoughts on this gun, price, etc? Please let me know what you think. Thanks! :right:
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I have a Mk III Target in stainless, which I love and probably shoot more than any other gun. Like Practical said, it has an internal lock - which I don't like it either, but I leave it unlocked and put the keys away so I forget it has option that until someone mentions it. far as pricing, here's out local shop:

$299 for the Blued 5.5", $349 for Stainless 5.5"
Has there been, or will there be, a recall on any MkIII's?
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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