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Ruger Mini 14s. whata ya know abaht 'em?

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Ruger Mini 14

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Yeah, I asked about anything any of you guys know on Mini14s. That was a few days ago. C'mon now, hep me out here.

Much obliged,
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This poll does not make much sense. I have not seen your previous question. The Mini-14 was made to look like a M-14 but the action is quite different, closer to a AR-15's. They kick a little more than most .223s. They are not as accurate as most other .223s, despite Dewman's 800 yard coyote wounding. They are very reliable. They look pretty nice and are fairly inexpensive. High cap magazines are somewhat scarce and expensive, because they are not AR-15/M-16 compatible. The Mini-14 has several options, such as stainless steel. They also used to have snazzy folding stocks.
Mini-14 ??

The mini-14 is a fine little carbine. It's reliable in function. It's as accurate as one would expect a carbine to be. It was designed to be a close range combat weapon and does an excellent job when used within its limitations.
I have known of a number of long range shot such as Dewman did with the coyote. Successful mini-14 shots are the same as with other weapons in that they depend more on the man holding the weapon than the instrument in his hands. The mini-14 isn't my choice for long shots, but sometimes you have to do what you can with what you have.
Springfield's M-14 will produce much greater accuracy, range and knock down power and it's only a little larger.
The mini-30 is one of the worst when it comes to accuracy.
A lot of guys at our local range have the Mini14, and I like shooting them. Accuracy depends on the ammo used, and the shooter's skill. Reliability is generally good, but I have seen several bad magazines, one broken extractor, one broken firing pin and a scope mount that kept shooting loose. To be fair, I have also seen these same problems on top quality AR15's.
The Mini14 is a very good buy for the money. About $500 at the local Wally World.
I used to own one, but got tired of the "5th Flyer" syndrome. The guy who bought it had the barrel replaced, and now it shoots like a champ. I don't think I'd own another, but they are reliable and affordable.
Well from expierence, commercial models of most firearms are not as good as a goverment model...the goverment models I have seen and held have a heavier reciever made for a Full-Auto but never made into a full..action is a great thing, and I like the older ones first run of the seies but as with anything the later the model sometimes not as good, as the first
I'll tell you what I know about the Mini-14, no they are not the most accurate rifles in the world. But what that are is a fun little handy carbine that is perfect for plinking and taking the occasional coyote or groundhog around your place. That is cheap to shoot and just plain fun.
The mini-14 is a good gun,and will do what is was made to can make it into a match rifle that will hold its own with AR-15s I have seen it done,The high cap mags are out there PMI and thermold are the best ones.I have two minis and have never had a prolbem...
Good solid carbine for anything. I found that a trigger job makes it a lot nicer. I carried one on patrol for quite a while but then bought an AR15. I'd be comfortable putting my life behind either one.
Hey! Thanks for all comments. They are fully appreciated. Good to get knowledgable feedback minus the upitty, know it all, attitudinal gas.

Greatful for any others of the sort you guys have sent me.

= or - o.k., But objectivity is desired.

I think they suck, big time. I'm a reloader and have tried probably 100 permutations of ammo components and only one would shoot consistently under 4.5 inches at 100 yards. Hell, I can do that with a 45 ACP. They are reliable, but what good is reliability if you can't hit what you are aiming at? I traded mine in on an AR-15 (which was a 1.5 inch rifle out of the box with several different loads) and haven't looked back. If I ever have to be shot at again, I hope it's with someone toting a Mini 14. That way I won't worry about my wife collecting the isurance so much.
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